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Rutgers, is the author of several books and essays on modern literature. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In this second volume of his ambitious study on the novel, Moore cheekily continues his deconstruction of classic works from the medium's most formative centuries Mischievous humor and a range of contemporary references are often the sugar to Moore's dense analytical medicine: The Year-Old Virgin comes up in the section on Don Quixote, Pat Benatar makes an appearance as well.

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This is a must-read for those interested in studying the novel's long evolution from less traditional angles. He writes with gusto and acumen, and even when he takes against an author or work, he does so with engaging verve. Moore is especially good at drawing out the literary and material self-consciousness of much early fiction. Moore's richly informative work traces the complex and contested debates as to what constitutes the first American novel A new line of alternative classics could be drawn from this book and its predecessor, replacing the tired wares seen repeatedly in stores, especially at Christmas If there is one daring enough to present a truly panoramic set of works from Ancient Egypt to early nineteenth-century America, the logical choice as general editor is at hand.

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Here, the scarily well-read Moore flexes even more of his astonishing critical muscle. The reader will have to keep a notebook handy in order to make a list of books to seek out as she moves through the text. The result is that the reader becomes just as excited about Moore's project as Moore is, finding out about so many works, from novels you're already read, to ones you know you should have read, and to the hopelessly obscure.

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Moore's achievement is staggering. He uses his knowledge of literature to develop layered landscapes of specific times in history and deftly gives us the context to understand why authors were writing the things they were writing.


Yet readers can feel that Moore has empathy with this problem, as he seems to have struggled trying to decide what to include and what to leave out, as well. His passion for literature and the joy he receives from preserving its history are felt in every single page of this work. Volume three can't come soon enough. And a doorstopper of a book it is. The book's five chapters look at the European novel books in Spanish, German, and Latin , the novel in French, the Eastern novel Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tibetan, Persian, and Indian works , the novel in English by anyone in the British Isles who wrote novels in English , and the American novel a spare 42 pages.

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Moore's tone is irreverent: he often takes traditionalists to task, pointing out prurient details of books in bald detail Marquis de Sade gets more attention than Daniel Defoe. Moores' greates talent is dusting off obscure works, placing them in the context of standard classics, and locating the most entertaining parts of whatever he considers.

Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division graduates, with supervision; general readers.

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They published his conversation-changing works The Novel: An Alternative History: Beginnings to and The Novel: An Alternative History: , works that upset many conservative critics with significant buy-in to out-of-date and never-quite-sensible paradigms on the origins of the novel. Help Centre.

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    The Novel An Alternative History, 1600-1800

    Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! These minor novels are not only interesting in their own right, but also provide the context needed to appreciate why the major novels were major breakthroughs. The novel experienced an explosive growth spurt during these centuries as novelists experimented with different forms and genres: epistolary novels, romances, Gothic thrillers, novels in verse, parodies, science fiction, episodic road trips, and family sagas, along with quirky, unclassifiable experiments in fiction that resemble contemporary, avant-garde works.

    As in his previous volume, Moore privileges the innovators and outriders, those who kept the novel novel. In the most comprehensive history of this period ever written, Moore examines over novels from around the world in a lively style that is as entertaining as it is informative. Though written for a general audience, The Novel, An Alternative History also provides the scholarly apparatus required by the serious student of the period. Steven Moore Ph.