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The otter was catching fish. The Beggar went to him.

Arabic Literature and Translation

I'm hungry , He said. Please give me some food. I have a few fish said the Otter.

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But I don't eat fish said the Beggar. Sorry said the Otter.

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I have nothing else. Let me ask the monkey said the Beggar.

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The monkey was eating nuts. The beggar went to him. I'm hungry he said.

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I have a few nuts said monkey. Please take them. O but I want a lot of them. Said the beggar. I'm very hungry. I'm sorry, I have only a few ,said the monkey.

The Man in the Moon: A Short Story

The Hare was eating grass. I'm hungry ,said the beggar. I have a lot of green grass, said the Hare.

Sun And The Moon in English - Story - English Fairy Tales

But I don't eat grass, said the beggar with a smile. Have you nothing else? No sorry said the Hare. So, she reached up high into the sky. She touched that and it lit up.

The Sun and the Moon

And so, Luna started to draw things in the sky. At first, a snowman, then a gigantic house, a chubby big-belly bear, pretty flowers and fluttering butterflies. As Luna sat back and gazed at her drawings in the night sky, she suddenly realized that she had drawn her brilliant figures on something that was round and bright. So, Luna got a mop with a long stick and up, down, left, right, she started erasing her finger drawings. In the clear night sky, Luna saw a big, bright, round pancake glowing in the sky. Luna rushed down and was off to the village.

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  6. However, while Luna was on her way, the bright, round pancake in the sky started to disappear, little by little. And Luna had no idea what was going on up in the sky. As soon as Luna arrived in the village, she went door to door to get answers from the people. Let me go and mop the sky again. When you see the big, bright, round thing, please make sure to look at it carefully! Luna quickly started to run home.