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More from Alex Kozobolis. Weightless Alex Kozobolis. Solan Goose Erland Cooper.

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Sule Skerry Erland Cooper. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Somewhere Else. It is here on this ridge exposed to the orange dusk of mountain autumn that the story begins. Buck wood for the stove feel the heat of shoulder to tendon greet the mule deer and water the garden again. Flow from one origin to another-- there is never a place where we cannot begin where the current is ancient, the wind is young teaching each other like the ax and the wood.


Carve a place for dignity plant a seed and pray for rain for sun for understanding outside your self. There will come a day when they say: who do you think you are and another day will come for you to tell.

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Donkey Carts and Desolation Dilapidated clapboard shacks piles of bricks in the sand scratching at the surface of cohesion Ingenuity is the notion of building On a foundation made from loss Out in these arid expanses where the Red Sea meets the sand people dream of progress made from humility and the laughter of others multi-colored dross scatter across the earth like foreign shrubbery We converse in codes of motion Language signaling daily headway Advice for the long haul. Matthew Shenoda Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter.


Teach This Poem. Pallid chicken feet made the soup gelatinous, discs of golden fat floating on its surface. Such glowing yellow: the colour of a slice of corn bread, toasted, spread with canary-yellow butter, cheddar cheese or thick amber honey.

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Later we found a grove of them, and you thinned it out for the cooking stove. Yellow of the daffodils I helped my friend to pick, then carefully wrap in tissue paper for the man who bought them. After staring down the trumpets of hundreds, what revulsion I felt at the repetition of sepal and stamen, all that mechanism of reproduction. The Fiat Eco Panda was custard yellow.

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In the slow lane on the motorway I came closest to death when a white van smashed into the side of your car and I ricocheted like a crash dummy. But we both stepped, resurrected, from the crumpled yellow metal. This morning, walking down the mews, I peeled fallen leaves off the damp cobbles: amber, copper, cordovan tan, all the autumn yellows.

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Some were soft as chamois gloves or straw-coloured silk, others crisp as starched cotton. My lineage barring some pogroms , is simple: Ashkenazy unmixed.

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  5. Just right for a yellow star. Yellow was the colour of those curtains my dear friend gave me.