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Guys in a MC aren't share your feelings kind of guys. I've been running with MCs since I was a teenager. They don't sit down with therapist Like Tyler in book 2 and Jagger in this one. They don't care if they are gruff or rude. They just say it like it is and move on. You either accept it or you don't. But you'll be the one to adjust-not them. I don't really consider any of the main male characters in this series alpha. Not even close. I don't even put them in the "bad boy" category. The "bad boy" elements seem like they are just in there to be able to run with the MC theme.

And seem more out of character for the guys than a true part of who they are. I like the story over all. I will pick up the next one. But because I just can't see it as a "real" MC I have to leave it at 3 stars meaning it's an average read. I loved this book! This series just keeps getting better. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't dig the first one in this series too much.

However, all the ones after have made up for it and then some. Totally recommend! View 2 comments. Dec 16, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: paid , biker-mc , kindle. I liked this book but it had some plot hole problems that I had a hard time ignoring. The heroine was kind of TSTL and the bikers did some things that made me question their badass biker status. I liked the first two books in the series so I'll continue on with reading the next one and hope for the best. Oct 20, Kathleen Moore rated it it was amazing. The first book, Meant to Be, was intense and fast paced.

The second, Out of Darkness, was a more emotional ride while still keeping it sexy. This book shows that Laramie is definitely connected to these characters and I can really tell that she wrote them one right after the other. This book has a slower pace to the character relationships. Where Denise just jumped in with Liam and Tyler had to drag Meredith out of the darkness, this one was able to show the slow building of a relationship. Jagger and Bianca had to establish each other's trust and they had to work at it while still living their lives.

Don't worry, there is still plenty of MC goodness, shootings, villains, and alpha male stubborness! I was a little iffy about the stripper aspect of the book, I'm not going to lie. It really worked though. I really felt for Bianca and I loved that she wouldn't let Jagger just take over her life and take care of things. That's not how real people function. Jagger was every bit as alpha as the rest of the males in the club and it was kind of hilarious seeing him get advice about women from every one around him.

He was obviously out of his element. There are plenty of appearances from the previous characters, whose stories are still being progressed and woven in.

I love that about a series! Now I'm eagerly waiting for the next book in the series which I'm assuming is Layne with all his secrets also. View 1 comment. Oct 24, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Boy oh boy did Jagger have moves, he's considerate, "I did what needed to be done to it. You drive this car back and forth to work late at night. It needs to be safe. I won't be that nice when the next one comes around. I can't control my jealousy when it comes to you, and I think it's pretty effin' clear I don't like you workin' in that place, but I understand that you have to do what you have to do.

Feb 01, Nicla rated it it was amazing Shelves: biker , sweet , favorite , low-angst , romance , lal , alpha , hero-who-knows-what-he-wants , safe-no-cheating. Another fantastic book by Laramie Briscoe. She is now a must read author for me. Recommend if you looking for a sweet and easy romance.

Oct 26, Jackie Kiwibooknerd rated it really liked it Shelves: heaven-hill. I enjoyed Bianca and Jagger's story. I really think this series keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to Layne's story I kinda also hope we get Rooster's story soon too Sep 01, Peta Benjamin rated it it was amazing Shelves: biker-books. The guys from Heaven Hills MC are all caring with troubles in their past. Jagger has a soft romantic side to him and it shows even more so when he serenades Bianca at Wet Wandas.

The events that happen after this serenade put Bianca in danger and her dream of being a School Teacher in jeopardy. This story also includes lots of interactions with the characters of the previous books which I really love as it keeps them all fresh in your mind. Sep 01, Helen Stothard rated it really liked it. I loved the first two books in the series and this one was no exception, I think the Heaven Hill bikers are probably the closest to criminals of any of the biker series I have read but they have such an overriding sense of family and looking out for each other that kind of excuses that.

Not to mention that they all seem pretty hot as well. Bianca is so used to being alone that she struggles to accept both Jagger and the way the club draws her into the fold. It's good to see old favourite charact I loved the first two books in the series and this one was no exception, I think the Heaven Hill bikers are probably the closest to criminals of any of the biker series I have read but they have such an overriding sense of family and looking out for each other that kind of excuses that. It's good to see old favourite characters playing a part and there's a great contrast between Bianca working in a strip joint yet dreaming of being a teacher.

Not once does this book cheapen the women who work at the strip joint, in fact I don't think Laramie has written about the biker bunnies that other biker books seem to have. I think these books more than anything are good old romances, they just have hot bikers in them rather than tame Prince Charmings, and that's what makes them so enjoyable. Looking forward to book 4 next year and meeting the gang again.

Oct 24, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , on-my-kindle , arc-for-honest-review , bikers-rock. Their story was more of a younger affair, compared to the intensity of the previous two books. Even though this was not as good for me as the others, it was still very enjoyable and kept the intense suspense and intrigue from Meant to Be and Out of Darkness. Jagger and Bianca carry more innocence with them, compared to the stories of Tyler and Liam.

I missed that dark ruggedness that you experience before from the other members. I did like that you hear and see interaction from the rival gang and their leader Dino. It makes the story balance out from not overwhelming romance, and gives it the flare of drama. I really enjoy Laramie's writing, her ability of keeping you in suspense with the situations they are dealing with and getting emotionally involved with the backgrounds of her characters, just makes it fantastic writing.

I am looking forward to the next book in , hopefully Layne will bring back some of that bad boy attitude. Dec 21, Vallsykes rated it liked it Shelves: young-alpha , motorcycle-club , hero-saved-the-story , beautifully-beta. It was an okay read, but these bikers coddle their women and "share" their feelings too much, even at the expense of a shrink, for me to really "feel" their badassness. In this book, though the female does have some problems, I was just sort of done with the "let's spend an hour on the couch" scenes.

It's not that I don't believe in seeking counseling. It's just that it felt a little incongruous with "the life", It was an okay read, but these bikers coddle their women and "share" their feelings too much, even at the expense of a shrink, for me to really "feel" their badassness. It's just that it felt a little incongruous with "the life", ya know?

Furthermore, the heroine was a little annoying with her I'm so independent and can take care of myself actions.

A Skull in Shadows Lane

This made me dislike her a bit, but fortunately the hero, in his own coddling, mushy, semi-badass way, had some good moments and he saved the story. Happy Reading. Nov 05, Allison Jewell rated it it was amazing. Laramie Briscoe is amazing. She certainly does not disappoint in this third installment of the Heaven Hill MC series. I was so happy when I received an advanced copy of this book. Honestly, I didn't think that anything could top Tyler in Out of Darkness. One of my favorite things about this book is the developing relationship between the characters in this series.

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John Wick 5. Toy Story 3 6. Fifty Shades Freed 7. When David got bored with trucking, he went to work for the railroad, based out of North Platte, Nebraska. He hurt his back coupling two cars. The damage left him in agony and ended any thought of going back to truck driving. It can be seen as a loss of who you are and hard to recover from.

David had no insurance, and he self-medicated his pain away with pills. Overwhelmed, David was once found wandering incoherently at a truck stop west of town. He cleaned up and asked a girl he loved to move to Kentucky with him. He even went to a doctor and got put on antidepressants. Then, in the early hours of December 14th, , David stepped outside his home and shot himself with a pistol. He was found the next morning. Portrait In Grief: Dan Hedrick, who lost a brother to suicide, saw isolation as a key factor.

I have to live with that. Since then he has volunteered at Grace for 2 Brothers, a Wyoming suicide support group started by a mother who lost two sons to suicide. He sees isolation as one of the problems of Wyoming and the West when it comes to male depression. He entered a conference room and fanned out suicide-support brochures, bottled water and some chocolate-chip cookies.

A mother and daughter and another mom attended the meeting. Both parties had lost men in their thirties. After an hour or so, the meeting ended with hugs and promises to stay in touch.


I drove into Cheyenne the next morning and parked near the Albany, a storied restaurant and bar. He wavered between thinking that those cross-country drives were cherished moments of his life and wondering if they were a self-sabotage road show where he could stew for hour stretches, working his self-hating juices about losses, goals not achieved and folks he had let down. Like many a stately old theater lobby, it is now a coffee shop. There I met Rhianna Brand, the year-old director of operations at Grace for 2 Brothers and a one-stop center for knowledge about Wyoming suicides.

She knows of what she speaks — Brand is a tall brunette with three kids and multiple suicide attempts behind her. She sells essential oils and hosts a YouTube real-estate show in her spare time. No one who wants to live peacefully in Wyoming can come out as anti-gun, so Brand pushes complimentary gun locks — think a Kryptonite bike lock for your. The locks take five to 10 minutes to -disconnect, maybe just long enough for someone to reconsider, go for a walk, or call someone. Brand pulled out a plastic bag of gun locks from a shelf, knocking down the funeral card of a friend who used to volunteer at Grace for 2 Brothers before she took her own life.

At first they were resistant — worried about alienating customers — but Brand recently had a few takers. Still, Brand can say nothing. His death still felt fresh enough that when she met with me she brought her friend Tara for support.

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The year-old Gregory was a smallish woman in jeans who seemed to grow larger and braver as she told me about her husband, Kevin. They had met when they were 14 and had been intertwined ever since. Emily said Kevin took out his anger on others: He was sent to reform school after threatening fellow high school students with his car. Gun locks. Kevin straightened out a bit, and he and Emily got married just out of their teens. They had some wild years, but both got sober and the two started a family that eventually expanded to three children.

They moved to Nevada for a while, and Kevin drove a truck for a gold-mining company. He seemed content hunting with his arsenal of rifles. Kevin had always told Emily he came from an abusive household, and being back in Cheyenne with his family reopened old wounds. One afternoon, they went to a Broncos game, and she was stunned to see Kevin order a beer. Soon, his drinking progressed to bottles of vodka.

Kevin would buy them at a series of Cheyenne liquor stores so no one would know the extent of his appetite. He started hitting Emily. At first, it was isolated incidents after dark.

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He kept his days together, but then the sun would go down. Her eyes welled with tears and Tara reached over to give her a squeeze. One night, Kevin took a. Emily followed. Her husband threatened to kill her and himself. She called the police, who took Kevin to the hospital. A classic blackout drunk, he asked Emily in the morning what he had done. Eventually, he was diagnosed as bipolar, but the lack of mental-health specialists in the region hampered his attempts to get help.

After another gun threat, Kevin threw Emily against a wall and broke her ribs. On a court order, he was held for 17 days.

Soldiering on the High Plains - Kansas Historical Society

After he was released, Emily got a restraining order, but relented after her husband would phone her drunk and fire a gun, suggesting he had shot himself. Emily said they were completely co-dependent, but she thought she could keep more of an eye on Kevin if he was in the house. Every night, he would retreat to the basement after dinner. It was , and Kevin would watch Donald Trump speak, and it would ramp up his rage. Once, Kevin disappeared for 24 hours during the winter. He returned with facial bruises and a broken arm. Emily begged him to get help.

He agreed and told her she deserved better. He promised to call a rehab clinic the following Monday. He then descended the steps into his basement man cave. A few hours later, Emily heard a cracking noise. At first she thought it might be her husband knocking over a doggie gate. Her teenage daughter came into the room and asked her if she should go and check. Kevin killed himself with a recently purchased. Over the next few weeks, Emily found another 50 or so guns, many hidden down in the basement, but also in the trunk of her car, under a mattress and behind a couch.

She learned that even though he had been hospitalized for mental illness, Kevin still held a concealed-carry permit issued by the state of Wyoming. A study revealed that 65 percent of non-metropolitan counties in America have no psychiatrists. Wyoming veterans have to Skype with a revolving door of therapists in Salt Lake City. This whole area is more intolerant than it was 20 years ago. You mention taking away guns and people will never talk to you again. Emily got up to say goodbye and wanted me to know that Kevin was not a bad guy.

He had his demons, but there was no one to help him. He had attempted suicide five times; the last time his wife caught him staring at his gun. Back in Cheyenne, Brand was still talking gun locks when a man took a seat in the corner. He looked 50, was slender, and wore studious glasses, running shoes and a hoodie. He sat quietly for a while as Brand talked about the dearth of mental-health facilities in Wyoming.

The most comprehensive mental-health hospital is on the far edge of the giant state, in Evanston, five hours from Cheyenne, Laramie and Casper. Wyoming veterans in need of help Skype with a revolving door of therapists in Salt Lake City. For the first time, the man in the corner spoke up.

He took off his glasses and wiped them carefully. The room went quiet. Another man began talking in a fast, clipped pace. His blue eyes filled with tears. He wiped them away, put on his tattered field coat and said goodbye. We got some tea and sat down, and Jay, at 60, looks younger than my He is, in fact, the father of three kids. Harnish has been around death his whole life. He worked the night shift, responsible for body pickups. He saw things. It was part of the job.

Relocating to Utah and then Cheyenne, Harnish stayed in the business. He said he has seen thousands of dead bodies.

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But the truly scarring moment happened in , when his father took his life. The family expected Harnish to prepare him for burial. About a decade ago, Harnish became a Buddhist and told his wife that he needed to get out of the mortuary business. They opened a juice bar and restaurant, the healthiest place to eat in a town where, Harnish said, a veggie burrito comes with bacon. He made the decision to leave his wife, and that drew the scorn of his three adult children. He moved in with a new girlfriend and started cutting himself off from the world.

One night, he took a small mountain of pills. He was admitted to the psych ward at the hospital. For three days, Harnish said, he refused all drugs and listened to the screams and banging of men and women suffering through psychotic breaks. After the 72 hours, the hospital asked him if he had insurance, and when he said no, according to Harnish, they offered to call him a cab.

Harnish mumbled some pleasantries, but his fists were clenched. When we spoke, Harnish still had no insurance. He had found some purpose, running the social media page for Grace for 2 Brothers, but was so low on money that he often had to decide between eating and spending money on gas or, as a special treat, heading 40 miles south to a Buddhist center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Gun Culture: Guns are a leading factor in the epidemic, and activist Rhianna Brand has been advocating for safety locks that take five to 10 minutes to undo — enough time to reconsider a rash action.

Harnish was dreading the onset of winter. I gave him my number and told him to text me whenever he wanted. On a December night when Cheyenne was already dealing with wind chills in the teens, he texted to congratulate me on a job promotion. I asked him how he was doing. He sent a series of texts.

The first was three emojis: two piles of shit with a skull in between.