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If the planet was safe, scouting and scientific parties were sent next. In most situations, a landing party would be beamed down to the surface of the planet, but sometimes shuttles were used as well. Captain Wainwright thought the first landing parties would invade Cleveland. DS9 : " Little Green Men ". In , Captain James T. After all, McCoy is no angel, folks! I fail to comprehend why fan authors seem to inevitably pair Bones off with sweet innocent fragile things. Bones with his unique and shrewd understanding of human nature is the best-equipped person to see the hidden beauty of a person like Faulwell.

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She'd not exactly the empty-headed sexpot that Kirk usually falls for! Therefore, she would not appeal to someone who is more concerned with exterior. Jump to: navigation , search. Landing Party 6 has five permanently assigned personnel with one rotating member. This position varies with each specific assignment and also allows the insertion of a character of your creation into the landing party.

The Landing Party Series is aimed at presenting a new set of characters for fan writers to work with -- six people in different departments that are Landing Party 6. The 'stars' are mentioned only infrequently and the stories tend strongly toward the humorous or ludicrous situations. Sadie Faulwell was written by and originated wth Paula M. Block; she maintains an on-and-of-again relationship with Dr. Kimeya Maya, Commander of LP6, Fred Shippe, the shortest security officer on board; and the other permanent and "floating" members of LP6, whose lives mirror those of the fans they were based on!

Contributors include Paula M. They were really self-portrait characters, but for whatever reason, they had more of a sense of proportion about them. She had McCoy fall in love with Sadie, but it did not necessarily change McCoy's characterization, and it didn't change anyone's characterization, and the stories were intriguing on their own. Was this a Mary Sue or not a Mary Sue? As a writer, she gave a lot more than she demanded from the reader. She gave us a character that we could recognize to a certain degree, but did not demand that we fall in love with the character.

We could like Sadie or not on our own terms. Comment to Sharon Ferraro I've never met any of the models for LP6 but their characters are written into the stories enough that I'm in love with them! To me they're as much a part of the Enterprise story as Captain Kirk! But you're right about the in-joke idea; I don't always catch some of what's written about the various conventions. I don't believe in abandoning the main characters while there are still so many possible stories using them.

Be careful and start mixing in Landing Party and non-Landing Party stories or you'll wind up stereotyped as completely Landing Party-fiction fanzine. Question - does Girc'N resemble Gordon Carleton? I have one comment. Let's not overdo the LP6 stories. They're interesting once in a while but to overdue the series is to grow into an in-group ala Kraith. You end up like impacted toenails. I tend to think LP6 is a little too flakey for such a hazardous profession. Faulwell is the worst offender, an air-head paragon. I am also fond of the stokers-eye-view, were ' there such a creature on the Big E , of ship, command crew, mission, etc.

They can be tedious at times, but I find their relationships realistic, and its so nice to find someone neither related to nor in love with Kirk or Spock? I've followed the Faulwell controversy with interest, and beinq an elderly enthusiast, am quite surprised to find her criticised for her behaviour sexually.

Why d'you think all those birth-control methods are advocated? And imagine what the crew of a starship would be like if each encounter was filled with romance, and people got unduly hung up about who sleeps with whom. Remember, they're supposed to be up there for months at a time, probably either bored with the routine or working in life-and-death stress situations.

Ask any nurse—either of those things can be quite horny-making. And there's nothing quite like the touch of flesh to flesh to help! That actually goes for all of Paula's stuff— and thanks for introducing me to McCoy. You give him a dimension I missed—I guess that's what love is for.

The content of WS is always one that has bothered me. I still feel that it has the potential to be one of the best and moat viable 'zines in fandom, but its potential is wasted, a beached and dying whale on the shores of STrek fan publishing. The material inside is inconsistent It's hard to see how the content can jump around so much without stabilizing in any one spot. I don't believe I would mind if LP6 were accepted for what it is, just sit back and let it be an integral part of WS. In due time the fans would praise it for you. Yet LP6 is brought up constantly, their roles are adulterated, prostituted.

The letters in the lettercol are almost invariably in favor of LP6 and some of the comments are just sickening. The worse offense of all was 'that blasted article " In Defense of Faulwell " which was in actuality a sniveling little lettercol that had been expanded and thinly disguised as an article, complete with re-run artwork.

LP6 is not great. Only a few individual stories have ever had any merit.

Lofty Stills, SWYM, Close Encounter, The Landmarks, Bad Saint, Eldren, Hoshin

The whole group is a bunch of loonies and the only way they could have possibly gotten past the Starfleet examinations is to qualify as ETs and claim minority discrimination against Starfleet. Sometimes, if they went any farther off the deep end they might qualify as something engendered by Monty Python's Flying Circus , yet, after all of this-- LP6 is only so-so.

The stories have their moments, but they aren't spectacular. I don't appreciate that, but I don't know if you, or anyone else, does it consciously Doesn't anyone have negative comments on WS or LP6? It seems that only speculative letters or ones of praise get into that column Sadie Faulwell is responsible for field research in linguistics.

She works in the ship's language labs. In addition to being a regular member of the landing party, she is currently having a 'thing' with Dr. Faulwell's personality is complex. On the surface, she appears to be a cheerful, flaky type, second only to Girc'N in her unpredictability.

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She makes Kirk nervous, tells Scotty dirty jokes, and is generally liked by the crew. Underneath, though, she is basically insecure and it is obvious from her behavior in [the story] 'A Private Little Naked Time' that much of her flakiness is a front for that insecurity and also a means of attaining the attention she craves.

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I don't think I have to justify Faulwell's actions - only the fact that they were not out of character for her, just the reader's view of what he'd like her to be. Besides, it was important to the conflict plot I was building up to. What do you want - a relationship that's all sweetness and light, with no problems?

If anything ain't real, that ain't. Enough said. I really dug all the response - filled my little writer's soul to the top of it's joybox. Keep it up. Maybe one day Bantam will publish a book called "Faulwell Lives! The 'Faulwellian Epic's' genre was I always considered it a Mary-Sue how could I honestly consider it anything else, when the drawings of Sadie were patterned after me? And Sadie certainly reflected a lot of my thoughts and yearnings. Though 'she got her man in the end,' I always tried to keep her as humanly imperfect as possible. Keeping the deck mono-red also allows us to maximize Molten Ravager , another denizen of Akoum , whose power level is directly tied to the land it inhabits.

Ravager gets bonus points for having perfectly on-theme flavor text, too. Akoum 's landscape used to be dominated by the tower of Tal Terig, which is where the Eldrazi titans were imprisoned before the events of Rise of the Eldrazi. I wanted to make sure that my Akoum deck could show off what Tal Terig used to look like, and it's conveniently front-and-center on one of my favorite cards, Burst Lightning.

Akoum is the most inhospitable of Zendikar's continents, so many of the best Akoum -related creatures and spells evoke the idea of the land itself crushing its enemies—through hidden pockets of magma, rocks hurled through the sky, or stones woken from their slumber and animated for battle:. The creatures of Akoum tend to be hearty and lava-born, either able to thrive in the fiery landscape or small enough to dodge the continuous barrage of rocks and pillars of molten lava. There are non-red creatures on Akoum , but it's clear who has the advantage:.

I don't want to run a bunch of nonbasic lands in our Akoum deck since it's mono-red, but I'd still like to highlight some of the continent's more interesting terrain:.

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I suspect the latter, so I'm going to leave it on the sidelines. If you want to call it part of Akoum , though, I wouldn't blame you. It will be a little harder to make good decks for Tazeem , Ondu, and Murasa , considering how diverse they are, but a Guul Draz deck that takes advantages of Vampire tribal synergies would be fun and powerful.

That's the next deck I'll work on if I decide to complete the cycle. Awaken is my favorite new mechanic in Battle for Zendikar.

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I love the idea of casting spells that will turn my most loyal lands into lumbering Elementals. My first thought upon seeing the spoiler was to see if there was a way to fit all the Awaken cards into a single deck. Based on the artwork and colors involved, it appears that Ondu and the under-inhabited polar continent of Sejiri are experiencing most of the awakening. Instead of spreading things too thin, let's focus our deck on blue and white with a secondary focus on black. The card that immediately caught my eye was Part the Waterveil. If you played back in the first Zendikar block, you might have caught the reference:.

I've always loved Magosi because it leads to so many fun storytelling opportunities. Usually, I'll play Magosi as early in a game as possible so I can take a turn off and go check out the falls. This involves me turning on the tap in the kitchen, staring at in awe for a few seconds, and returning with a giant glass of water and a couple of snobby vacation anecdotes about how water tastes SOOO much better at Magosi than it does back here in the US.

Later in the game, I like to take out my phone, start playing TLC's classic pop song "Waterfalls," and use my extra turn to try and kill everyone. Part the Waterveil is even better. It allows us to visit Magosi without having to skip a turn, and if you happen to have Magosi in play, you can awaken it and kill your opponent with your animated waterfall over the next couple of turns.

The biggest problem with the awaken cards, of course, is that most of them cost a lot of mana to play.