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Intrigue broadened the range of possible card effects beyond what was available in the base set in two major ways: it introduced cards that offer a choice between multiple distinct effects, as well as Victory cards with multiple types and functional effects beyond scoring points. Each of these functions would join the arsenal of basic Dominion card-design elements and go on to be reused by Donald X.

Vaccarino in multiple future expansions.

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They nevertheless have held up as the distinctive theme of Intrigue, which contains more Victory kingdom cards, and more cards that offer an explicit choice between distinct effects, than any other expansion. Intrigue also increased the strategic and tactical depth of Dominion beyond what the base set offered by introducing more cards that benefit from advanced play: for example, Wishing Well rewards careful deck-tracking in a way no card in the base set does; Swindler requires paying close attention to an opponent's strategy to know what cards will disrupt it; and Coppersmith and Conspirator require decks specifically tailored to their strengths to be useful.

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The first-edition of Intrigue developed a somewhat unfounded reputation as a highly attack-heavy expansion: in actuality, Intrigue contained fewer Attack cards than the base set and fewer than the next expansion, Seaside. This reputation arose in part from the fact that the Attack cards Intrigue did have had a reputation as particularly annoying attacks to get hit by even the relatively weak Saboteur , which is unpleasant out of proportion to how effective it is , and in part because it had some non-Attack cards Masquerade and Tribute that affect players in ways that occasionally make them feel like they're being attacked.

The second edition has removed both Saboteur and Tribute , and has a slightly modified Masquerade which has been revised to avoid the most punishing use from the first edition version. Game designer Donald X. First Polish version by Bard. From the start, Intrigue was groomed to be the first expansion.


To me that meant making it the most true to the main set. If the first expansion was especially exotic, then when only the main set and that expansion were out, half the game would consist of this exotic stuff.

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If the second expansion is the first exotic one, then it's down to a third of your cards if you have the first expansion too of course it's even less if not all of the second expansion is exotic. That seems more reasonable. The mechanics in the first expansion are things that to me are just a basic part of the game; later expansions may not have as many victory cards that do things or cards that say "choose one," but they'll have those things when they're wanted.

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The main set didn't have those things in part to keep it simple for new players and in part because you can only fit so much in 25 cards. For more detail on the design of the cards see Secret History of the Intrigue Cards or the cards themselves. Jump to: navigation , search.


Blank Card s. Something's afoot. The steward smiles at you like he has a secret, or like he thinks you have a secret, or like you think he thinks you have a secret. There are secret plots brewing, you're sure of it.