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Here's how Mini cakes baked from scratch? In a mug? Who'd have thought it would be so easy to do and so tasty! All you need is a mug, some simple ingredients, your trusty microwave and a few minutes The cookbook is easy to read with photos added in for your visual pleasure. The book includes the basics, classics, seasonal and holiday themes, plus options for gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, paleo and vegan diets, so you see, everybody wins. There are Troubleshooting tips and many creative ideas for mug cake activities, gifts to give, and unique mug parties.

How fun is that? And the icing on the cake? If I knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake, baked a cake, baked a cake If I knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake Howdya do, howdya do, howdya do? Had you dropped me a letter, I'd a-hired a band, grandest band in the land Had you dropped me a letter, I'd a-hired a band And spread the welcome mat for you Oh, I don't know where you came from 'cause I don't know where you've been But it really doesn't matter Grab a chair and fill your platter And dig, dig, dig right in If I knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake, hired a band, goodness sake!

If I knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake Howdya do, howdya do, howdya do? Had you dropped me a letter, I'd a-hired a band, grandest band in the land Had you dropped me a letter, I'd a-hired a band Spread the welcome mat for you Oh, I don't know where you came from 'cause I don't know where you've been But it really doesn't matter Grab a chair and fill your platter And dig, dig, dig right in If I knew you were comin' I'd've baked a cake, hired a band, goodness sake!

Howdya do, howdya do, howdya do?

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The man's life profession has been a builder and not just single family houses, but huge skyscrapers in New York City. He probably did the whole plan on a napkin one day at breakfast between his bagel and coffee, it's so easy for him. In New York one has to legally obtain even the sunshine rights to a piece of land, kow-tow to ten different neighborhood associations, street, borough, state committees, planning, environmental, commercial, above ground and below ground What's so hard?

The border has been already surveyed since Black Jack Pershing drove over and back on it chasing Pancho Villa, with the ROW right of way for thousands of miles and unlike dreary New York, it's all out West where sunshine's free and there's not a busy-body neighborhood condo committee for two thousand miles, just dirt and lizards. May we be a bit cautious about these sudden fund-raiser campaigns? Does it make sense that the US needs the money? A few years ago, the viral sensation was "Kone " - over 30 million views in a few days, a scary video of none other than warlord LRA child-soldier-kidnapping Joseph Kone shooting up Ugandan villages.

If only there was a way to stop him Donate to this appeal to There was a lot of odd apart from the oddity of seeing, at that time, little-known-outside of East Africa Kone starring in a US-concocted video production. They raised who knows how much money from a lot of high school and university students apparently and universities helped promote this , who didn't seem to know that random people can't just raise cash to send the US military off to foreign locations to fight youtube causes, like some mercenary selfie group. And also that the US military already has a mille-mille de millards de sabords budget already that makes any youtube fund-raiser look like one of those coins people used to cut into five pieces to buy a cigarette.

The fund-rasier was rolling in the dough for a few days, until actual Ugandans from real Uganda who watch youtube and got online to say "WTF? Kone was kicked out of Uganda years ago. Who knew Ugandans were online? His wife was reported as blaming all the people negatively doubting her husband, who probably got dehydrated because of it. Where's the money? Did the director find his clothes? So, why wouldn't the US government already have the funds for a barrier or wall? It doesn't take much. Who sends a check to "United States Government" "note: for wall"??

That's done every April 15th, called Tax Deadline Day. Be sensible! I'm calling "B. Mark, In December 13 Thursday notebook I responded to comment of Oven Morgan in which he stated that Lord Woolf made a fool of himself when he praised the Chinese legal system.

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Without going into too much detail and studying what was that Lord Woolf praised and out of my deep disrespect to the US legal system I defended the Chinese legal system because I hardly can see anything worse than the US legal system. After reading your description of the legal woes that you face, I googled to find what was the terrible thing that Lord Woolf did that made him a fool. Sorry, on the contrary what I read about Lord Woolf who was Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales from to published a report which led to reform of the civil justice system that was too slow, too expensive, too complex and too inaccessible and that precipitated civil procedure rules which came into force in England and Wales in April If that would have been introduced in US you would not have the problem that you are facing now.

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As to China what Lord Woolf did was a lecture that he gave in great Hall of the people, Beijing in which he praised the advancement that China did in developing the rule of law. Have not found even one critical reference related to Lord Woolf opinion on China. Gays and the "Trans Community" went from being a marginalized portion of society to having amazing political clout within an incredibly short period of time in historical terms. I can't think of a parallel to this volte face in human history.

Such success breeds arrogance and even hubris. Yesterday's victims feel justified in being today's obnoxious SOB's. Scarpina clearly wants to destroy Mr. This is spite on an obscene level in virtually every way and is evidence of a lack of humanity that boggles the mind.

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Can raw hatred be more naked or more obvious? Should we be surprised that the increase in clout of various sub-minority groups has grown in lockstep with social media? This is particularly true with the rise of Twitter, where a few clowns sitting in their parents' basements can appear as a multitude by the clever use of bots. There have been many drawbacks to the rise of the Internet and related media platforms. The outsized clout that these boutique grievance groups have gained is a major one.

Well said! And yes, the internet is a megaphone that inflates the voices of those who have nothing on their mind but grievances. But this would not be possible without the connivance of the "social media" companies. These companies have a power and influence that dwarfs the power of the so-called "robber barons" of around That must be very heady for those who can access it for their own ends - Such as shutting down Tucker Carlson and anyone who dares agree with him.

Yet this is the world we live in and I haven't the faintest idea how to change it.

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Last month, an Australian bridal magazine which declined to feature same-sex weddings was forced to close after 12 years following a targeted online campaign and subsequent advertiser boycotts. The charge? But it turns out that full disclosure doesn't matter - they'll still wreck your livelihood, even if you fess up in advance of providing the service - as a professional photographer found out. Tey is to be hauled up before the Western Australian State Administrative Tribunal, accused of discrimination I propose a new word: jurosclerosis.

I just looked it up and it does not exist. Until right now, that is. Jurosclerosis: A political disease in which a nation's legal system becomes clogged, backlogged, and unable to mete out justice in any consistent or prompt fashion. Juromania: A political disease in which a nation's judges have acquired, and are using, the power to nullify any legislative act they want; announce any new binding law they happen to invent; and order around the executive or legislative branch at any moment, for any reason, or no reason at all. Both jurosclerosis and juromania are positively lethal to any country wishing to remain democratic and free.

US Juromania? More dangerous ideas! Such heresy - especially from a subject of the Queen - may not be welcome here in the comments, Tal. Your fellow Canadian, FH Buckley, made several observations that were similarly controversial - and compelling - in his interview with Mark. See comments at both SteynOnline and YouTube.

Anyone surprised by this organized attack on Tucker Carlson needs to wake up! Yesterday Alan Dershowitz tore Tucker a new one last night off subject on his immigration coverage so this is still in the early stages and will metastasize throughout the national media. Ever since his first show I've thought that this brilliant communicator was the most dangerous conservative except Rush to the left and now all of the big guns have him in their cross-hairs.

What has changed in the last 5 years or so it that the left has successfully weaponized corporate America as their enforcer. Sorry to state the obvious but the first amendment only protects individual free speech from Congress imposed restrictions. Read it please!

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Mark makes an excellent point about gay activists avoiding taking on a Muslim Patisserie in their long running campaign to force acceptance of their lifestyle. I've written extensively on how leftists have also weaponized the judiciary and although Michael Mann has not yet succeeded in silencing Mark Steyn he has extracted a steep price for standing up to him. The problem is that we have a severe shortage of Mark Steyns and Tucker Carlsons on this planet willing to stand on principle whatever the consequences.

That there should be no consequences for speaking out on any subject in a truly free society is little more than a now meaningless truism in America. At some point, I intend to enter an IHOP and ask them for pancakes with blueberries arranged in the shape of Satan licking Michael Mann's hockey stick. If they fail to deliver, it's lawsuits away. I'm planning to start a website where we can keep everyone abreast of the boycotting companies, so we can boycott them.

If anyone would care to share other companies besides iHOP and United, let me know and I'll add them.

  1. Catalogue des livres numériques Textes Gais 2012: (2 nouvelles complètes - 15 pages à lire sur chaque titre) (French Edition)!
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  4. I'm not kidding, I'm sick of companies playing social justice warrior, and plan to act accordingly. It's hard to boycott companies one avoids like the plague after naively being subjected to their 'service. We never hear about those. I get that. And I do plenty of positive things, thanks for that. My whole life is about that. And there are tons of people writing blogs about real food, just do a search or two. I'm not looking to organize large scale boycotts.

    I just want to know, and pass along, which companies to avoid, because they choose to fold and not stand up for free speech. It's really that simple. Just a thought. Americans seem rather materialistically consumerism-trained that free speech defense is somehow a boycott of buying products in favor of a buying campaign of other products.

    Meanwhile, the corporations are busy pursuing the monopoly state to make sure there will never be alternatives to anything they control. Doesn't seem like a culture at heart that could care less about free speech, beyond using the words as an advertising gimmick. The biggest American flags on the planet are at car dealerships. As for United Particularly ironic is the notion that this case was not filed in countries where, supposedly, libel laws favor plaintiffs. Instead, filed in USA, where first amendment again supposedly gets Plaintiff thrown out of court forthwith when Defendants are the press.

    Why, we even pass extra special laws to protect guys like you from endless litigation. Yet here we are. For those who think lefties are stupid, well, they're really smart in matters like selection of the forum and protracting the losing case. And it works for them, Nat Review covers the climate hoax like it's a 60 yr old Bob Hope gag about poofters.

    Nada word. By the way, the bakers' problem is not with the Courts, the problem is laws passed to prohibit race discrimination and create panels of do-good administrative hearing officers which were rashly extended to cover sex preference. Usually with Rs throwing confetti to celebrate the passing of these foolish laws. The left would likely win this battle with bakers if they could just resist the urge to overplay their hand. Of course, for the left, giving in to urges is a feature not a bug.

    I hope you don't mind my using your up-close-and-personal judicial hassles to scratch a legislative itch of mine, Mark. They're related in the way that entitled and unquestionable authorities, judge and senator, act entitled and unquestionable. Cynthia gave her tepid blessing to the move, which otherwise might not taken place.

    I have plenty of respect for John McCain, but since when was Senator a lifetime office? Even an afterlife office? Both men suffered the same brain cancer, I believe, with the same prognosis glioblastoma, bleak , yet both stayed in office until their deaths. Neither was able to carry out the responsibilities of office at the end, or for extended periods during their treatment. And the passing of both left their states underrepresented in the Senate a silver lining, if you ask me , or reliant on unelected appointees.

    McSally may not be the best person for the job--look whom she lost to--and I feel for the McCains and the Kennedys, who grieve their loved and lost.

    If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake

    But I am as appalled today as I was in at the prerogative some in the Senate feel toward their office. This person, anyway, feels disrespected. I feel the same as you, Josh. But I don't hold a title of any kind, except the 20 or so books I've written. So I have a little bias, I admit. Yes, McSally ran a bad campaign, but she lost to the Prada pinkhat because a good number of Arizona Republicans either didn't vote or actually voted for Sinema.

    Based on hearing the negative opinion of McSally by some popoular local conservative radio guys in Phoenix and Tucson, I believe enough "purest" conservatives and libertarians stupidly voted for Sinema to punish McSally, who certainly wasn't the worst R in Congress, and in many respects was pretty good.