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Meanwhile the illustrator Gerda Dendooven adds to all this by creating images in real time, which are immediately displayed in a large format above the stage. This promises to be a wonderful, immersive experience. Where should we go? When confronting the dense, impenetrable array of cultural offerings in front of us, the "Presse" music s Reinmar W The only orchestra in the w What is noise?

What is music? Alexandra Grubeck will give a talk on the exhib Georg Weilguny She knew all about this. She felt it within. Without h Chamber music at its purest. It was written Set against the b This concert features string orchestras from Taiwan and China. In the first half of the concert, the Azure String Orchestra f The splendid State Rooms of Palais Coburg Residenz are opening their doors to host a formal ball for the very first time. Neunerhaus is a Vienna-based social organisation which aims to provide homeless people and those at risk of poverty with oppo What a wealth of communicative power lies in a gesture or a facial expression!

Wolfram von Bodecker and Alexander Neander, bo Flemish author The American International School has a long standing choral tradition of performing large important choral works.

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Kathy Hee The first half of the concert will feature a choir and a wind ensemble from Melbourne, Australia. The music played will inclu It features performances from the prize Uproarious comedy. Musical buffoonery: a comic act in which one person speaks and sings while the other remains silent and pl And each had a p The piece is based And, to bring the year to a close: some shocking facts!

Many wor With a selec This story takes us straight into the fairy-tale world of ballet. The Brave Little Tailor is an entertaining, multi-layered a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave a concert here at the Augarten on 26th May But he was by no means the only great composer Our eyes cannot see what is truly important.

The Magic Flute — a wonder-filled tale of adventure? Or an internal monologue? This version of the much-loved fairy tale opera has been abridged and adapted for children. Pupils from the Vienna Boys' Choi His Opus 9 is a very pretty early piece and has a touching slow movement Two young string orchestras meet at the start of the Summa Cum Laude concert series. Summer fires the imagination. What could be more magical than a theatrical comedy set in an enchanted forest?

Young lovers, merry workmen, fairies and spri For once, Wiener Kindertheater takes to the stage without any children. In this unique production, former members and staff f Ihre Lauf The music of the SazIso Ensemble, who are appearing here in Austria for the very first time, has its roots in the mountains o A multi-faceted, fabulous fairy tale fusion that will leave not a dry eye in the house.

With sweet young Little Red Riding Ho Virtuoso flute-playing and more: the Savaria Symphony Orchestra, this time under the baton of a Russian composer, performs Be Korean soprano Eunsie Hong and Russian cellist Boris Adrianov take centre stage, while the skilful, sympathetic and sensitive Their programme tonight includes exhilarating contemporary Music that embodies freedom and exhilaration — served in a double measure.

The sweet sound of the oboe is very much to the Together with the Vienna Young P HK Gruber is not only one of the most prolific composers of our time; he is also in great demand internationally as a conduct In , when Maximilian I. To mark this anniversary, Adam, the international society for promoting arts and culture, presents the Alajev family and othe Youth orchestras from various corners of the globe gather in Vienna to perform folk music from their respective homelands. He created chamber music, There are only two actors on the stage. But the story, which they relate in catchy, jazz-flavoured tunes, says it all.

This evening is totally dedicated to string instruments in a range of different combinations. Back in the s and 80s, when Harri Stojka had formed his first band, the Harri Stojka Express, he was active mostly on the Joseph Haydn is considered the father of the classical string quartet. The form was further developed by Alexander von Zemlin The year-old baritone Konstantin Krimmel makes his debut with an evening of Lieder.

A wonderfully sympathetic piano accomp The Innehalten cycle offers audiences the rare opportunity to hear the Vienna Boys' Choir perform their core repertoire in a A pause for reflection, a chance to re-energise: this series of concerts links the Vienna Boys' Choir back to its historic tr This year marks not only the st anniversary of women winning the right to vote in Austria, but also the birth of Loriot.

Not only do both The concert starts with a young Bavarian ensemble, who manage to play without a conductor. This is a chance to take a peek behind the curtains, to look in on a rehearsal, to take part in a workshop, to listen to a st A very warm welcome to the Princeton High School Choir! Ninety talented vocalists from the USA team up with forty-five instru Two more previously unseen works will be performed as dramatic musical read-throughs in th Our taster sessions are now into their fourth season.

These musical theatre workshops enable a mutually beneficial exchange t A number of world-famous musicians and composers either come from Lithuanian stock or grew up in that country. Their ranks in Renowned soloists Alexander Swete and Martin Schwarz perform guitar music in the finest Spanish tradition. After opening with This concert pairs a choir from South Africa with a string orchestra from Norway. In the first half of the concert, the Durba Clowning and buffoonery in a poetic and artistic stage show Out of a small wooden chest climbs Samuel, tomfoolery on his mind Music and texts composed by women, presented by women — played, danced, whispered and shouted!

Shifting the spotlight onto This is a year-old masterpiece inspired by a highly influential and controversial play by Beaumarchais, which premiered f Leonhard Leeb and his musicians demonstrate their technical brilliance and sheer love of playing as they celebrate twenty yea This evening offers a rich tapestry of listening experiences, with works by Vivaldi, Bach and Telemann firmly in the foregrou The emotionally-charged triangle of Clara, Robert and Johannes represents what is probably one of the best-known and most mov For married couples going through divorce, for dog owners who are really animal servants, for fans of Wagner and for people w An irrepressibble lust for life: Sona MacDonald pays tribute to two of the most iconic and enduring figures in show business Harmony in the service of peace.

The orchestra was founded by Hugo Rinaldi, and has been giving tal Great composers are always searching for the perfect form. Before Beethoven tackled his first string quartet, he had already published numerous string trios, piano trios and violin son Both Mendelssohn and Weber ensured the flute gained an established place in the chamber music literature of the High Romantic The cello has a very close relationship with the clarinet, and the two instruments together create a uniquely beautiful sound MuTh and the Vienna Young Philharmonic are offering gifted young musicians the opportunity to introduce themselves to the lis Yet anoth Young dancers aged from ten to fifteen showcase their skills in a highly varied programme.

All of them are students from the To know joy, inspiration and fellowship, and to have these as your way of life - at the initiative of Staatsoper Director Dom Felix Mendelssohn was a highly regarded musician in his time. Perhaps the only black mark against him is the suppression of h As part of its 20th jubilee celebrations, the Vienna-based Stevan Mokranjac Serbian Cultural Association gives us a glimpse i This tale of a journey to meet the baby Jesus is both funny and profound.

An actor sets out with a number of questions on his Two modern-day stars of stage and television take us back to those wild years of the s. They offer us a glimpse into cont Die Saxophon-Klasse von Frau Univ. Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event. This concert brings together a string orchestra from Cincinnati, USA with a Taiwanese choir for children and young people. Time for a cello lesson. But — what does it sound like? And what should it really sound like? Eventually the instrument sta An evening that will leave the listener speechless, in the proper sense of the word.

From child refugee to concert pianist A feast of fiddlers: MuTh brings together two highly popular ensembles, namely the Steude Quartet and the Minetti Quartet, fo This concert showcases hits from the musicals about making our way in the world, including the thought of having one big chan It stems from my love of good old jazz and swing, and my admiration f The programme includes a mix of music t Come along and hear the hippest, funkiest grooves, with swinging jazz and fusion at its finest; the familiar and the unknown, Boe Bovery, the tough captain of a dilapidated pirate ship, sets sail in search of gold, along with her crazy crew.

With her The prima la musica competition for young musi The tiniest flame can drive away the deepest darkness. That is the core of the story in this World Music musical by a group o This concert brings together one choir from Brazil and three from Australia. The focus is on 20th century vocal music in all Austrian debut performance. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to our next Albanian Cultural Festival in Austria event This is the story of the young princess whose wicked stepmother is jealous of her beaut Wonderful dreams, and then a rude awakening.

This colourful guest performance is a treat for the eyes and the ears. Students and teaching staff from Northwest Minzu Unive Six different groups of musicians, working in very different genres, perform compositions by Maestro Sri Chinmoy In this concert, the Symphony Orchestra of St. The Superar association provides free-of-charge access to high-quality musical sponsorship. We work closely with professional The clarinet has always been a virtuoso instrument.

Or, put more accurately, an instrument played by virtuoso musicians. NAI is a multi-cultural oriental orchestra composed of refugees from Syria and other Arab states, playing alongside friends f No to be missed: the spirited playing of the Alcazar Salon Orchestra brings all the golden glamour of the s and s to He presen Blending voice and clarinet in a cha At one time, every civic achievement — from the beginning of democracy to the end of slavery — was a utopian ideal.

A stroll down the lanes of pop history. The programme mainly features a cappella arrangements and beatbox performances. In ho Vienna International Arts Festival is a festival to celebrate dance and music together within one week in the city of music As a historical capital city of music, Vienna always attracting music lovers with the traditional New Year's Concert. Many ta Expect a fine evening with a wide range of music, held to raise funds for Vienna Rotary Club scholarship holders in Bosnia an Whoa, whoa Let me introduce Lars and Sven, my reindeers.

They pull m Nach einem Intermezzo im b The Vienna Boys' Choir launch MuTh into the pre-Christmas spirit, performing a bright, kaleidoscopic programme alongside top Auch spricht Wil In MuTh, the Musiksalon has found an interesting home where music-minded friends can discuss and debate.

Once again in , The well-balanced interplay of eight string instruments: this must be among the finest things that chamber music has to offer Zum Mal findet das Chinesische Neujahrskonzert in Wien statt. On December 9th, MuTh will be five years old.

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A splendid occasion to celebrate! Artists and audience alike will be celebra Amerikanisches Blasorchester trifft australisches Streichorchester mit Chor! Diese ausgefallene Begegnung erlaubt dem Besu Chorus Juventus perform a programme of selected Romantic pieces, presenting us with a glorious richness of sounds.

They lead The civil war in Liberia raged for fourteen years. Ein Abend, der der Vielseitigkeit amerikanischer Musik im Jahrhundert und dem schwarzen Humor gewidmet ist. Die beiden ge Mind-reading and clairvoyanc This oratorio is complemen Symphonische Band aus Japan trifft auf australische Streicher und Chor!

The Steude Quartet resume performing, here at MuTh! This season, enjoy the sound of Viennese strings at their finest with the Years ago Alex Bei diesem Konzert erleben Sie Die 2. Edition der European Ballet Grand Prix findet am 9. Februar durch die Charity Awards Gala seinen feierlichen Abschluss At this fancy musical encounter visitors will gain insights into sel An unforgettable New Year concert.

Returning to MuTh after the sensational success of previous years. Treat yourself to an exhilarating evening, full of laughte A comical hero heads out into the world. He vanquishes giants, defeats wild boar and conquers a unicorn. Because of this, he An ode to Schiller. The literary legacy of Friedrich von Schiller is considered one of the most precious jewels in German-spe Poetry and literature are held in particularly high esteem in some Eastern cultures, and the language itself often has musica On this occasion Vahid Khadem-Missagh can be heard with his youngest sister Dorothy, who has established herself as one of th A meeting between two related genres.

Pure suspense! Over the thirteen years of its existence Kriminacht has grown into a firm favourite. It sets the standard for Designed with children and young people in mind by the prizewinners of the Franz Schubert piano competition. On August Aus de This version of the fairy tale opera has been abridged and adapted for children. In the second half of the 20th century, Xaver Meyer was one of the most prominent individuals in the choral and musical lands Was ist Liebe? Was ist Liebe in Zeiten des Krieges? Was ist Menschsein ohne Liebe? Die Lyrik von Erich Fried stellt diese Fr Im Rahmen des 6.

Vom 7. Falls Sie bereits Karten gekauft haben, wenden Sie sich bit Shepherds play an important part in the Christmas story; their faith, their dignity and their constancy have been greatly pra Belgium Winds meet Irish Voices A wind orchestra from the heart of Europe meets youthful voices from the green island. Hillary the witch enters a radio competition and wins two tickets for the opera.

She is extremely pleased with her prize — They make their debut Tango for all the senses! Dancer and choreographer Cornelia Voglmayr translates the exhilarating sounds of Astor Piazzolla in The art of whistling musical pieces — an art which is virtually unknown today — first came to prominence in the 19th cent Der Ton macht die Musik, soweit sind wir uns einig. Aber wer macht das Volk? Dvorak and Brahms were composers who, far more than most, infused their works with elements of folk music.

They incorporated Sacred music has always been an essential p In einer Welt, in der die Technik fast in alle Lebensbereiche vordringt und den Takt vorgibt, wird es schneller und lauter. Sacred music has always been an essential Vahid Khadem-Missagh takes over the artistic direction of the renowned festival orchestra in this, its 40th year.

He has effe In the second Taiwanesisches Streichorchester begegnet kanadischem Jugendchor! Das Ensemble aus Taiwan hat schon vor zwei Jahren bei sei Im Ra What impressions linger, It really feels like Christmas when Adi Hirschal and his companions invite you to join them in celebrating the best time of t The orche Bei dieser Kost-Probe spielen wir wieder Ausschnitte von zwei noch nie gespielten Werken als musikalisch-szenische Lesung: Da Hard to believe that this is our third season! At each try-out session we rehearse excerpts from two previously unseen works Internationalen Joseph Haydn Kammermusikwettbewerb Barbara Moser and Thomas Albertus Irnberger demonstrate that the work of some female composers stands equal to that of even t Musical Director: Ariana An evening of duets, ranging from Monteverdi to the works of Offenbach.

How can true love overcome? In pursuit of this eterna Medea — a woman torn between vengeance and love, escape and banishment, a woman who is both healer and murderess. It to Barcelino, the mascot of the Vienna Boys' Choir Primary School, was left behind by mistake on the last tour of Australia. It starts in Russia with Tchaikovsky's dance fantasies, then trave Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed countless musical hits. He was a child prodigy, and the rock star of his day. Mozart set him Both Mozart and Ravel completely mastered the skill of bringing out the individual sound characteristics of different instrum Was eignet sich besser zur Vertiefung einer freundschaftlichen Beziehung als die Musik Mozarts?

Ein facettenreiches Wechselspiel von Tanz und Musik! An actor tells the story of Christmas in a fresh new way.

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Expect excitement, humour and suspense as Julian Loidl guides us th Australian chamber orchestra meets Spanish symphony orchestra The Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra offers a wide-ranging an A Canadian Musical Evening At this concert you will be able to listen to two Canadian orchestras with an extraordinary pro The interior dialogue between voice and violin allows us to peer deep into the souls of those two great composers Mozart and A left hook!

This in broad daylight, right in the Peter Weck is a favourite with audiences right across the German-speaking realm: acting legend, director, producer, theatre d Hat der Mensch zuerst gesungen oder zuerst gesprochen? Welche Rhythmen verleiten uns zum Tanzen? Indem das Kinderpublikum akt This event has been postponed until Sunday 17th December Ladies and gentlemen, Due to sickness, the production by Romeo und Julia sind das Liebespaar der Wel Romeo und Julia sind das Liebespaar der On this occasion Markus Schirmer has invited a brilliant young ensemble to join him.

Not only does the evening represent his They first came together on stage in the run-up to Christmas last year, and they clicked straight away. This was the start of Was he perhaps considering writing a Faust op Chinese Youth Orchestra meets Spanish Youth Orchestra This opening encounter is an example of the intercultural significan Die vielseitige Die G Stand back as students from the mdw Department of Piano light some spectacular musical fireworks, performing selections from Here is a collection of classical ballets and modern original works created by the all-star cast of Liaoning ballet.

This wil What happens when a group of children, acting on their own initiative, set out to create their own opera? We follow the progr In coffee houses and hostelr A fairy tale: how planet Earth was bewitched, and how the spell was lifted.

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On the centenary of composer Gottfried Einem Whether turning Bach into elegant jazz, singing refined choral versions of the Beatles, or soothing their audience with a sen Cult music with real class! These five professionally trained Swedish voices are now legends, having been recognised as pione Kinder- und Ju An exceptional evening beckons in the form of an exclusive violin recital by Volkhard Steude.

Piano accompaniment is provided Diesmal wird er am Klav An evening of Lieder and visual art; a benefit event in aid of Arbeiter-Samariterbund social charity association Sculptu Hier, im dunklen Moor, an diesem abgeschiedenen Or Enjoy an evening which promises not just exhilarating rhythms, but space for reflection as well.

Ex Illuminati Druid on the Occult Power of Music w William Schnoebelen & David Carrico NYSTV

Join us on a voyage straight Over the intervening years Zum Abschluss des Studienjahres stellen sich besonders talentierte junge Musikerinnen und Musiker aus den Begabtenklassen der Die aus einer Kleinstadt mit einem renommierten Konse Auch spri To mark the occasion, a special concert — which departs from t A gold rush at MuTh!

Wiener Tonk Alcina lives on an enchanting, magical island. But she is rarely alone, as ships often fetch up stranded on the shore. The ma The players are mostly middle school and high school students who are not studying music as a curriculum subject, but enjoy m At the end of their training, students from the Contemporary and Classical Dance degree course at the Music and Arts Universi There will be tours of the building and grounds for all tho We are an international organisation with our roots in Young talents from many cou A woman interpreting Beatles songs?

Can that really work? Yes — and how! The internationally renowned soloist Monika Ballwe Volkhard Steude has been Concertmaster of the Wiener Staatsoper orchestra since November , as well as Concertmaster of th ICEP is an Austrian independent development organisation. ICEP advises businesses and partner organisations in developing cou Der Mensch The EBGP is an international ballet and contemporary dance competition. As well as featuring established, invited artists, it Soon the Year of the Cockerel gets underway in China.

It dates back to around , and tells of the love between Chun Hyang, The con fuoco chambe Some eat me Eine k Fuli tak Suffering is as old as humanity itself: and so is hypochondria! A ballad extravaganza, both serious and jovial. With Erich Schleyer, and texts by Friedrich Schiller. Take a trip from Venice to Rio, in the company of the Auner Quartet. The route takes us from Niccolo Paganini to Heitor Villa Kinder- und Jugendpianisten aus China und Europa begeistern das Publikum mit einem Repertoire bestehend aus klassischer Musik He runs away — far awa But what sort The goal of the Armel Opera Festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is to promote contemporary opera and The Philharmonische Trio perform both as individuals and as an ensemble, playing three of the most illustrious instruments th Lieder are nothing less than great drama expressed in a compact lyrical format.

Indeed, Wagner, Strauss and Grieg are often s Seldom-heard Viennese classics, performed as part of the second series of concerts by the con fuoco chamber orchestra. Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. This is an international competition Spritbuam comprises three former Vienna Boys' Choir choristers and a virtuoso tuba soloist.

They have a personable, open-hear In this three-day festival, Gottlieb Wallisch, together with friends from the ranks of the the Vienna Philharmonic, pays homa In this three-day festival, Gottlieb Wallisch, together with friends from the ranks of the Vienna Philharmonic, pays homage t In der Weihnachtsgeschichte spielen die Hirten eine zentrale Rolle. He and Ulrich Drechsler have been collaboratin In , the I Dance company called for real inclusion on the stages of this city The Vienna Boys' Choir use music to tell t To commemorate 60 years since diplomatic relations were first established between Austria and Albania, and on the occasion of Musik oder Medizin?

Already well-established on the international music scene, the International Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition — now i Did you know Josefinchen? Come along with us. Australia has b Taiwanesisches und philippinisches Symphonieorchester — ein ostasiatisches Treffen! In diesem spannenden Aufeinandertref The Vienna Boys' Choir is a leading exporter.

Even back in the days of the Emperor Maximilian, travelling and performing in f Our taster sessions are now in their second season. Twenty previously unseen pieces of musical theatre were submitted in the When Heilwig Pfanzelter recites Christmas stories, she creates a spellbinding, magical world.

No-one has ever heard these won The K Their sensitive interpretations, th Actor Wolfram Berger and pianist Markus Schirm Well-known for their lively style of playing, Tanzgeiger present a performance of the music which accompanies all of us — y Markus Schirmer, the stand-out Austrian pianist, sets out on a journey into the wonderful realm of the German Romantic — th Entertainment, served with a dash of wit - and often a h Has there ever been a time when the musical language was as rich and varied as it seems to is today?

The premiere of an orato This installation highlights the connections between Mozart and the statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin The next fixture Mothers do a great deal for their families, and much of it goes unnoticed. From Almschroa to Fiakermilli, yodelling is a real art. Like our much-loved traditional folk songs, yodelling was born in the Chorus Viennensis, together with the sought-after pianist and Liszt specialist Eduard Kutrowatz, presents a romantic programm Take care! See you back here in another 20 years!

To mark the occasion, on 27th October the event relinquish In this free workshop Birgit Reitho Paganini fell out of favour … and how many parents since then have been tortured by the screeching sounds emanating from th The Young Masters programme is an open scheme to promote particularly enthusiastic young talents from the University of Music Trio for violin, cello and piano in B flat major, op.

Schubert and Brahms — two all-round musical geniuses who produced Lieder, symphonies, major works for piano and important c Mozart und F. Vahid Khadem-Missagh presents his amusing, eventful story about the concert violin. This evenin If you listen to the sounds of Persian Sufi music, time and space seem to dissolve!

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For the Sufis, music is the medium which TrioVanBeethoven pays homage to the composer whose name they bear. Over the course of three concerts, the renowned Austrian p The evening can be summed up in the following few wor They are now known throughout Austria, in Germany and in Italy: the eight vocal talents that comprise VieVox, all of them for Young singers come together — not just to compete, but also to sing together. These are children and youngsters who love si Wir berichten live aus dem Weihnachtsdorf im Augarten.

An evening of great variety with the Vienna Boys' Choir and leading artists from the worlds of music and theatre. The proceed An interesting new location has been selected this year: the venue Superar, transcending borders , surpassing themselves Just as they did in , Superar will round off the school year wi The original text has been brou For 15 years, the Vienna Dance Workshop Tanzwerkstatt Wien has offered children and young people an external space in which This Bill Evans quote — made as he attempted to explain The Bartolomeys kick off the new season with high Romantic music and absurdist texts by Daniel Charms, whose characters biti Under the baton of Seiji Miura, they perform — in addition to pie Yung-Ching Chen, comprises a high school group and an ele Austrian baritone Paul Armin Edelmann takes the listener on a unique musical journey.

The route carries us past the different Academia Allegro Vivo On the occasion of the th anniversary of the birth of Jean Sibelius, you are invited to join Academi Visitors will enjoy a widel BartolomeyBittmann demonstrate what a versatile instrument the cello is, as they follow up the sensational success of their d Day 2. Trees and flowers are stirred into motion; filled with energy Six musicians — three from the Vienna State Opera, three from the Vienna Volksoper, all friends for many years — join for Musikschule Wien is firmly focused on collaborative music-making.

Today, two of their orchestras and ensembles — drawn from Visit our Chinese music performances, and try out some authentic Chinese instruments for yourself. Presented by the CU Chine Through his international concerts, Christian Altenburger has befriended numerous top-flight musicians from right across Euro Since then she has racked up an A school makes music. For pupils, parents, teachers and the institutions themselves, being together in a musical environment Good heavens, another year has passed already! Adi Hirschal and Camerata Schulz Vienna offer a brief glance backwards and a The Wiener Lehrer a Cappella Choir, founded in , has performed countless concerts with great success, achieving widesprea The event has been or The leading interpreters of Viennese song join forces with one of the most important representatives of the current generatio Do you know what Wagner thought deep down about his tenors, or that lout Siegfried, or that stupid chap Parsifal?

The celebrated actor and theatre director Bernd Jeschek and prize-winning bass clarinettist and composer Ulrich Drechsler — European Soundworlds Viennese instrumentalists, vocalists, soloists Variatio delectat: They knew how to enjoy themselves, tho Variatio delectat: They knew how to enjoy themselves, those Romans. With variety comes delight; a motto which truly came to l The most renowned boys' choir in the world can certainly look back on a long history. Boy choristers have been singing in the Have you too spent half the winter wondering if Spring would ever return?

Aachen Cathedral

Well Spring is now firmly in sight, and we want to Joseph Lorenz has completely reworked this German literature masterpiece into a reading which is as engrossing as it is enter Vienna Boys' Choir and guests. Known for their faith, dignity and trustworthiness, the shepherds play a key role in the Chri The word is getting around: VieVox are eight young men from a singing tradition that stretches back over years.

Each one This mixed choi Naturally, any tickets alread Based on an idea by Gerhard A. James Logan High School is the largest high school in Northern California and has an enrollment over 3, students. The inst The Metrum Choir was founded by a Hungarian music school, and started life as an a-cappella choir. The counterpoint for this Just before setting off on their South American tour, which takes them to Brazil and Peru, the Young Philharmonic invite you The Horizon Youth Orchestra is entirely In the decades since it w Art needs a space. Spaces encourage interaction. New work needs an opportunity.

In our Studio, new musical theatre projects c So far, more than 20 composers have submitted their work. At each try-out session, we perform extracts from two previously un A new musical theatre project has found its platform in our Studio. And this gives our professional ensemble — comprising t Elisabeth violin , Stefan cello and Johannes Kropfitsch piano comprise Feuerwehrmann Sasuke!

D Fibble, D. Fibble, D. Fick dich!! Fick mich Herr Kommissar! Fifty years with the Revere Copper Co. No, Flight! For a coffee For Gold or Soul? For my big LOVE!!!!!!! Forever Loved One Forever me! Forsaken Forsaken Forschen Forschung. John Van Nest Talmage, D. Anstruther Fraeulein Schmidt and Mr. Fragen Fragen Fragen Fragen Fragen!!! Fragen, die die Welt nicht braucht Fragen, Gedankensplitter Fragen Wie wird das buchstabiert? Frauen-Ritornelle Frauen. Freedom in Science and Teaching. II Freedom Talks No.

II Freedom to be Frei sein!

Die dystopische Utopia des Thomas Morus. Freiheit wie immer Freiheit! Freitag der Freund oder Feind? Nein Danke! Freunde finden, Liebe aufbauen: die goldenen Regeln! Freunde gewinnen Freunde helfen sich gegenseitig Freunde im Netz Freunde kommen und gehen. Freunde oder nicht?! Freundeskreis Freundeswort Freundeswunsch Freundin Freundin gesucht!

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Freundinnen Freundinnen auf ewig Freundinnen bis in den Tod!? Freundschaft ist bedingungslos! Freundschaft oder Liebe? Freundschaft Plus, Freundschaft Plus?