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At this time, it came to light that property rightfully belonging to Alma had been appropriated in various ways by her family. Alma traveled to Vienna in September with Ida Gebauer accompanying her to visit and take stock of her properties. In the claims for her inheritance and for restitution of property, which she subsequently pursued in the Austrian courts, her right to the most valuable item, the Munch painting, was denied.

Alma remained preoccupied with the case until the end of her life. In the coming years Alma continued to play a public role in connection with the musical legacy of Gustav Mahler. She was consulted and her participation sought upon the founding of the Internationale Gustav Mahler Gesellschaft in Vienna in Adolf Klarmann, professor of German literature at the University of Pennsylvania, also continued to be a good friend of Alma Mahler during these years.

Professor Klarmann had been friends of both Franz Werfel and Alma since at least , when he visited them in Vienna and in Breitenstein, while conducting research about the works of Werfel. She suffered from depression and became mentally unstable; she was institutionalized, around She and her husband divorced, and she died in an institution. Fischer, , 17; translations from the German, when not otherwise attributed, are by the author.

Fischer, , ff. Die Briefe Gustav Mahlers an Alma , ed. Memories and Letters , trans. Basil Creighton London: John Murray, , Erinnerungen und Briefe , La Grange notes that Bernhard Mahler held office in the Jewish community in ; , n. Lea, Gustav Mahler. Man on the Margin Bonn: Bouvier, , Mein Leben , Adolf D. Klarmann Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, , Klarmann, volume 3 Frankfurt am Main: S.

A Life in Prague, Vienna, and Hollywood , trans. The Mahler-Werfel Papers at the University of Pennsylvania contain materials from all phases of the long and varied life of Alma Mahler, as well as much valuable material pertaining to the literary work of Franz Werfel, including autograph manuscripts of most of his major prose and dramatic works, and of a significant portion of his poetry. The collection comprises boxes of correspondence, writings, and memorabilia; 15 boxes of photographs; six boxes of audio recordings; and one box of oversized materials.

The main Correspondence series includes some folders and over correspondents. The overwhelming majority of the letters date from after and, especially, after the exile of Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel from Austria, upon the Anschluss in Many earlier items were undoubtedly lost due to the circumstances of exile. Also, the house in Vienna, which Alma and Franz left behind in their flight and where many of their things were still stored, was extensively damaged by allied bombing during World War II. From an alternative perspective, the circumstances of exile and war become precisely the occasion for many of the letters that make their appearance in the collection from on.

Many friends with whom Alma and Franz had been in regular contact in Vienna now gave report of themselves by mail. This phenomenon was especially the case after they arrived and settled in the United States in the fall of On a personal level, he and Alma were petitioned by friends and acquaintances for help in such matters as immigration, publishing contacts, and funding possibilities. A colleague of Werfel with whom he and Alma corresponded and whom they helped in various ways was the politically-active writer Hermann Borchardt, who had settled in New York City.

In Algeria, Bertha Zuckerkandl was pursuing her journalistic work in French. With regard to the exile experience during the Nazi era, the identity documents of Franz Werfel assembled in the Memorabilia series, including his Czech passport, his French identity card, and various safe-conducts, are valuable and revealing. In the case of Bermann Fischer, the correspondence also gives significant glimpses into the struggles of the German publishing industry in exile and in the immediate postwar period.

There is a sprinkling of letters from fans responding to his works, especially his novel The Song of Bernadette ; some of those letters are from Catholic clergy and sisters, as well as American servicemen. Correspondence concerning the making of the film based on that novel produced by Twentieth Century Fox is sparse; mainly, friends of Werfel who had hoped to participate in the film but ultimately did not correspond with him Ludwig Hardt, Ernst Krenek, Fritz von Unruh ; and other friends and acquaintances write with their personal responses to the film.

In the years to , when Werfel employed secretaries to assist him first Albrecht Joseph and later William Melnitz , there are sometimes carbon copies of typed letters from him, occasionally with his initials or signature. Anton Klement was an Austrian government official involved in the case, and Kurt Frieberger was another official to whom she turned for help. Her friend Otto Kallir offered advice and assistance, and her nephew Willi Legler tended to many matters for her in Vienna in the immediate postwar period. Some correspondence written by Alma Mahler is included: photocopies of items held at other institutions for instance, her letters to Walter Gropius and those to Margarete and Gerhart Hauptmann ; a number of handwritten drafts of letters; occasionally, carbon copies of typed letters; and the originals of her many letters to Adolf Klarmann.

In the case of this professional correspondence, Professor Klarmann frequently kept carbon copies of his own typed letters, and these are included. Worthy of note are some manuscripts of literary, musical and artistic works given to either Alma Mahler or Franz Werfel. Following the main Correspondence series, a second, smaller Correspondence series pertains to letters exchanged between Alma and Franz Werfel. This series contains very few original items there are a dozen handwritten letters to Werfel from Alma, all in Fischer, , which was ghostwritten by Willy Haas.

Musical compositions by Alma Mahler are located in the Oversized box series X. Two of them are printed manuscripts with handwritten emendations; versions of these have recently been published. The third is an autograph manuscript that has not yet been published. In the series of Writings by Franz Werfel, the holdings are most significant with regard to autograph manuscripts of a majority of his dramas and prose works.

In many cases these are in final form and have been bound. The index provided in this guide should prove useful in locating holdings with regard to specific poems or collections; also included in the index are references to the locations of drafts of poems contained in the notebooks. These notebooks are mostly devoted to drafts of poems, although a few of them contain shorter prose pieces or fragments of dramas. Werfel used notebooks extensively in sketching out his works, and a large number of them survive; these eight are only a fraction: many more are held in the Werfel archive at UCLA.

The collection of memorabilia comprises such items as identity documents; programs; playbills; personal and household items calling cards, stationery, pocket calendar, items that hung on the wall in the home ; miscellaneous keepsakes maps, blank postcards ; and newspaper and magazine clippings. In addition, a series of tape cassettes documenting a seminar on Werfel given by Klarmann at the University of Pennsylvania can be found in the series Audio Recordings.

Fischer, There are no restrictions on the examination of material in this collection. Permission to quote from and to publish unpublished materials must be requested in writing from a curator from the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts and from the literary executor of the collection. The creation of the electronic guide for this collection was made possible through a grant from The Andrew W. Finding aid entered into the Archivists' Toolkit by Garrett Boos. For a complete list of the 1, correspondents, do the following title search in Franklin : Mahler-Werfel Papers.

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. For each correspondent, items are arranged chronologically, with correspondence both to and from Alma and Werfel interleaved. Correspondence to and from Adolf Klarmann is usually not interleaved with that of Alma and Werfel but is contained in a separate folder, following. Includes correspondence with family members; friends and acquaintances among which number many writers, composers, conductors, theater people, and artists ; publishers, editors, film or theatrical producers, agents, attorneys and other professional or business contacts; arts associations; community organizations; religious or political advocacy groups; and fans.

Unidentified correspondence is at the end of the series. Individual cataloging records for the files of the principal correspondents have been entered into WorldCat; these records can also be accessed through Franklin , the online catalog of the University of Pennsylvania. These holdings include only a handful of original items exchanged between Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel. Most of the original items are letters written by Alma to Franz in the year 12 letters , and these are the only items from Alma to Franz; the remainder of this correspondence comprises letters written by Franz to Alma from to Except for just three original items, the correspondence from Franz is in two different forms: typescripts prepared at the direction of Alma Mahler and photocopies of the original letters upon which the typescripts were based those original items are held in the Franz Werfel archive at UCLA.

Almost without exception, the holdings include the photocopy of the original item upon which any given typescript is based. Included, in addition, are photocopies of approximately 40 original items for which no corresponding typescript exists. Many of the letters were additionally grouped by her according to the literary work that Franz was composing at the time. Original Items. Includes 12 letters from Alma Mahler and 3 items from Franz Werfel mentioned above. Typescripts made at the direction of Alma Mahler. Approximately 2 boxes. The holdings comprise a partial typed draft preface by Alma Mahler concerning the letters of Franz Werfel to her; divider pages reflecting the organization of the typescripts; and two sets of typescripts plus a carbon of one of the sets.

The typescripts have been interleaved, so that all of the typescripts pertaining to a given letter are together. Photocopies of Original Items. The photocopies have been arranged and grouped in correlation with the way that the typescripts are arranged and grouped, in order to facilitate retrieval of both simultaneously, if so desired. Thus, each folder of typescripts is correlated to a folder of photocopies bearing the same title. Partial typed preface and divider pages by Alma Mahler, with emendations in her hand for a planned volume of Werfel's letters , ca.

Correspondence to Alma Mahler that she inserted between the pages of her diary letters, postcards, poems have in most instances been filed with correspondence Series I , according to the name of the correspondent; however, it has been noted where something has been removed, and all of the inserted material, including correspondence, appears at the appropriate point in the diary in the accompanying acid-free photocopies.

Inserted materials other than correspondence e. Some of the inserted items are to be found in the oversized box. Handwritten Transcription of Diaries of Alma Mahler, , Handwritten Diary of Alma Mahler, It is somewhat unwieldy to consult; a photocopy of it, which has been organized into folders by year, is available.

Other Writings by Alma Mahler. The typescripts have been filed in correspondence series I , according to the name of the correspondent. So far as is known, the originals of these letters are not extant. Acid-free photocopies of Alma Mahler's diaries, Suites see box 26 , 26 January - 20 January Acid-free photocopies of Alma Mahler's diaries, Suites see box 27 , 20 January - 16 January Alma Mahler's handwritten transcription of her diary entries , and "Tagebuch Alma Mahler" , Acid-free photocopies two sets of Alma Mahler's diaries transcription of diary entries , and see folder Originally a bound typescript, mostly dismantled by Alma during revising.

Photocopy of typescript diary "Tagebuch der Alma Maria" see box The photocopies are arranged in folders by year s. Part I, narrative; part II, letters. Draft typescripts of letters by Gustav Mahler in English translation by Basil Creighton, with handwritten emendations in several different hands, including those of Alma Mahler and Anna Mahler, ca. The translations were for publication in the English translation, Gustav Mahler: Memories and Letters Includes partial autograph manuscript, undated [after ]; typescripts I and II, with handwritten emendations; and carbon of typescript II.

The corresponding manuscript was comprised of typescripts of letters to Alma Mahler from friends; it has been dismantled, and the typescripts have been filed in correspondence series I , under the names of the various correspondents. Speeches, interviews, and short essays, ca. Topics relate to Gustav Mahler and Franz Werfel. Notes for Mein Leben , undated; and acid-free photocopy. Dictated by Alma Mahler, with emendations in her hand.

Notes and Drafts, undated [after ]. Mostly handwritten. At least half of these holdings comprise autograph manuscripts. Also included are photocopies of autograph manuscripts held at other institutions; typescripts and carbon typescripts; galley proofs and page proofs; and a few clippings or photocopies from published sources.

See the index for a breakdown on materials pertaining to any given published collection, as well as individual poems by title, and for a separate listing of unpublished or uncollected poems. Within any given folder, poems are generally arranged in alphabetical order, according to the title of the poem in its published form, with all of the manuscripts and typescripts related to any given poem grouped together.

In the case of Schlaf und Erwachen , the holdings comprise a nearly complete manuscript from around the time of publication, and therefore the original order reflecting approximately the sequence of poems in the published book has been maintained. Manuscript pages or proof sheets containing more than one poem, as well as clippings or photocopies from published sources, are generally to be found at the back of the folder. Dramatic Works.

Arranged alphabetically by title. Essays and Speeches. Notes and Drafts. Clippings of Writings by Franz Werfel. Clippings of poems are not included here but are interfiled with manuscripts in the Poetry sub-series. Following the last series in the collection inventory is a series of indices intended to assist in locating items that comprise writings of Franz Werfel, including autograph manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, and photocopies.

The sequence of indices proceeds according to genre: diaries, poetry, dramatic works, novels, and other prose. Under the headings of poems, dramatic works, and prose, separate listings are provided for material that was unpublished at the time this guide was prepared. Within poetry, there is also a separate index that provides an overview of materials related to each of Werfel's published volumes of poetry, or cycles of poems. In many instances, especially with regard to poems and the content of Werfel's notebooks, these indices provide details beyond what is conveyed in the general inventory.

Pocket-sized black notebook used while Werfel was working for an export-import firm in Hamburg, containing notes, poems, and drawings, circa Used while Werfel was a soldier in World War I. Contains drama, prose, and poetry.

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Black notebook, 2nd notebook of , Jezierna-Hodow, Eastern Galicia. Contains prose, drama, and poetry. Partial notebook, without cover, Beaulieu sur mer, 24 December Contains notes, prose and poetry. Contains poems, aphoristic writing, notes, and drawings. Poems from Der Weltfreund and supplement. Poems from Wir sind ; and the afterword. Poems from Der Gerichtstag and supplement. Poems from the cycle "Kunde vom irdischen Leben," of in Gedichte aus den Jahren , Poems collected posthumously in Das lyrische Werk , in the section "Gedichte aus dem Nachlass".

Jacobowsky und der Oberst : Preface by Werfel, typescript and typescript carbon, undated. Discusses problems related to the American adaptation for Broadway. Jacobowsky und der Oberst : Third scene act II, part 1 , typescript carbon, undated. Jacobowsky und der Oberst : Excerpt from the third scene act II, part 1 , with an English translation, typescript, undated. Spiegelmensch : Typescript of Part I, and a second, partial carbon typescript all three parts , undated.

Arlt, typescript, undated. Third notebook was completed 26 March Second notebook is missing cover; the four notebooks are contained in a brown leather case. Das Lied von Bernadette : Autograph manuscript in eight notebooks: Notebooks mid-chapter 26 to end; continued from box Stern der Ungeborenen : Typescript carbon, with handwritten corrections and emendations by William Melnitz secretary to Werfel , circa September-October The presumed authors are Hermann Broch and Friedrich Torberg. Verdi: Roman der Oper : Bound autograph manuscript, final version for publication, undated. Bears insignia of Paul Zsolnay Verlag on the cover; pages are missing.

Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh : Bound autograph manuscript with some typed inserts, Breitenstein, 10 June ; volume 1 of 2 continues in box With inscription opposite inside front cover dedicating the completed book to Alma Mahler, Christmas Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh : Bound autograph manuscript, Breitenstein, 10 August ; volume 2 of 2 continued from box Eine blassblaue Frauenschrift. Geheimnis eines Menschen novella collection : Bound autograph manuscript, Santa Margherita, Contains two of three notebooks the first is missing ; manuscript begins in Part II.

Consists of two parts: I. Essays and Speeches — Outlines and Drafts. Mostly handwritten items. Notes and Drafts - related to novels, stories, and short prose except for Stern der Ungeborenen. Notes and Drafts - related to Stern der Ungeborenen , circa Notes and Drafts - miscellaneous, Notes and drafts - aphoristic writings. Items published posthumously in Zwischen Oben und Unten Clippings or photocopies from periodicals of essays, speeches, and other prose pieces collected in Zwischen Oben und Unten The memorabilia are grouped according to the individual to whom the items primarily relate; and then subdivided into in major categories e.

There are several categories of items that appear to overlap with the above description but which are not filed in memorabilia. Contracts especially publishing contracts are filed in correspondence series I , under the appropriate company name. Some official notifications or copies of legal documents, insofar as they comprise correspondence or enclosures from specific attorneys or government officials, are also to be found in correspondence. Small personal and desk items, such as cigar holder, travel clock, or visiting cards.

Three boxes contain clippings about Franz Werfel, with the first box devoted to clippings of essays and speeches on Werfel by friends and acquaintances, arranged alphabetically by author. The remaining box of clippings includes clippings about Alma Mahler five folders ; about Gustav Mahler four folders ; about family members and friends of Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel one folder ; and about miscellaneous topics one folder. With the exception of the first box, clippings within each grouping are arranged chronologically. Playbills and programs related to performances of works by Werfel, or based on works by Werfel includes plays and operas.

Versuch einer Zeitspiegelung , inscribed to Alma Mahler in Miscellany: Blue enamel eyeglass case inscribed with the name of Franz Werfel containing eyeglasses; and a small memento plaque of Gustav Mahler. Miscellany: Scissors-and-letter-opener set in leather sheath, from the desk of Franz Werfel in Beverly Hills. Memorabilia related to Alma Mahler — Identity Documents: Baptismal certificate issued ; marriage certificate of Alma and Gustav Mahler issued ; Austrian identity card, ; Czechoslovak passport issued Paris, May , photostatic copies; postal receipt Sanary-sur-mer to Czechoslovak consul in Marseilles ; naturalization certificate , typescript copies.

Memorabilia related to Alma Mahler? Mostly typescripts. Memorabilia of Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel — Blank postcards pertaining to diverse localities and topics. Regis Hotel, New York City; and various clipped images. Identity Documents: Czechoslovak passport, ; French identity card, ; French safe-conduct for special purpose, ; certification of Czechoslovak citizenship and loyalty toward France, Marseilles, ; French safe-conduct, ; genealogy of the Werfel family in Bohemia, by Rudolf Werfel, ; certificate of right of residence for Prague, ; certification of residence in Venice, ; birth certificate issued , with stamp on reverse of official resignation from the Jewish community, Vienna, ; birth certificate issued ; official verification of citizenship status, Vienna, ; certificate of citizenship, Republic of Czechoslovakia, , ; membership card for Franco-Czechoslovak organization in Paris, Framed Print of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico , with descriptive notes in Spanish on reverse.

Lipiner, Siegfried. Specht, Richard. Unknown author. German translation of the 81 sayings of Laotse, with an introduction. Arranged roughly according to subjects; in some cases, the grouping reflects a contact sheet or original album. Includes a box of negatives and a box of oversized photographs. All of these images are accessible online at the following url:. Photographs relating to the works of Franz Werfel; includes a photograph album compiled by Andranik A. Petikean A. Mostly offprints of published articles, as well as some handwritten and typed manuscripts, dated to Notebooks, dated to , related to interviews and trips to archives; and loose notes, mostly handwritten and undated.

The loose notes include one folder of handwritten notes from a visit to Franz Werfel in Vienna and Breitenstein, summer ; and one folder of typed notes for a Werfel seminar given around Das lyrische Werk , edited by Adolf Klarmann: Partial manuscript, and notes and drafts. Included are materials on poems and variants of poems which were considered but not used.

Includes handwritten manuscript and typescript of an early version of the preface; a typescript of the annotations, along with notes related to their preparation; and typescripts or carbons of most of the prose pieces by Werfel. Included are materials on prose which was considered but not used. One clipping and one offprint.

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  6. Two offprints. Arlt F. Crofts and Co. Typescript carbon, circa Typescript carbon, Typescripts of two versions, circa and circa Typescript carbon with handwritten emendations, circa Typescript with handwritten emendations, circa ; and two copies of Forum, no. Typescript with handwritten emendations, circa Faksimile-Ausgabe zum Biographical sketch of Franz Werfel, in English, undated. Apparently used in connection with an exhibition of Werfel manuscripts from the Mahler-Werfel Papers, probably at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Loose notes related to research on Franz Werfel. Includes notes from a visit with Werfel in Vienna and Breitenstein, summer ; and typed notes for a Werfel seminar, circa Critical essays, dated ca. These materials were gathered by Adolf Klarmann, mostly from researchers who consulted the Mahler-Werfel collection. Friedrich Blume, offprint, circa Galley proof.

    Jahrhundert , ed. Bound typescript in four books. Bound typescript. Bound typescript carbon. Radio interviews, recitations of poems, musical recordings, and academic lectures related to Alma Mahler or Franz Werfel. Includes 78 r. Vinyl 78 r. For a copy on C. Contains copies of the recordings from folders and Tracks 1 and 2: Werfel reciting sides a and b of the 78 r.

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    7. Tracks 3 and 4: Ernst Deutsch reciting sides a and b of the 78 r. Two poems by Franz Werfel, recited by Ernst Deutsch, For a copy of the recording on C. Friederich Torberg speaking about Franz Werfel. Radio program in German recorded for Bayerischer Rundfunk, 30 June Reel-to-reel tape. Fischer Verlag, Two vinyl 45 r. Vinyl L. For a program in memory of the life and work of Gustav Mahler, Alma relates memories of her life with Mahler, including anecdotes about his friendships with Georges Picquart, Richard Strauss, and Arnold Schoenberg.

      Information Agency, 4 October The interviewer visited Alma Mahler in her apartment in New York City, and the interview takes the form of a tour of the apartment, including discussion of her paintings, music manuscripts, photographs, and books. She also relates memories of Franz Werfel and of Gustav Mahler, answers an inquiry about her own composing, and speaks of her present life in New York. Two vinyl L. Five minute magazines of Grundig stenorette recording tape belonging to Klarmann; contents unknown.

      One cassette tape. Arlt, Gustave O. Note to Alma Mahler, circa Written on a cardboard casing for The Promise and Purpose of Life. Inscription indicates that the song was composed at the suggestion of Meyer Krakowski and under the guidance of Arnold Schoenberg. Stiedry, Fritz. Presumably an excerpt from his opera Der gerettete Alkibiades. Wolfes, Felix. The manuscript, which had been torn into 28 pieces and saved by Alma in a small envelope, has now been restored, with accompanying photocopies documenting the pieces as originally found.

      Autograph music manuscript from Alexander Zemlinsky, from the first act of his ballet, Triumph der Zeit , based on a libretto from Hugo von Hofmannsthal inserted into the diary, presumably in Suite 23, May to August The latter two songs were published by Susan M. Musical sketches thought to be by Franz Werfel, undated.

      Memorabilia related to Emil Jakob Schindler: Two print items one handbill and one four-sided brochure apparently referring, in a humorous vein, to a social event organized by the Schindlers on 20 March Memorabilia related to Gustav Mahler: A handbill from the Vienna Court Opera conveying the repertoire for the week of December , the last week in which Mahler served as director, before departing for his engagement at the Metropolitan Opera in New York; on the reverse, official regulations pertaining to the repertoire. In German, adapted by Jesaias Press.

      Legend includes roads, railway lines and Jewish settlements, with distinguishing icons for those on land of the Jewish National Fund. Possibly detached from a travel book. Includes poems published posthumously; untitled poems are listed alphabetically according to first line. References are to holdings of either autograph manuscripts or handwritten versions in notebooks, unless otherwise noted.

      Includes fragments published posthumously. Date of first publication is given in parenthesis following title. Jacobowsky und der Oberst : manuscript, 3rd and final version, handwritten and typewritten, with emendations, undated. Jacobowsky und der Oberst : introduction by Werfel to the final version, referring to the problems of the American adaptation, typescript, circa January-March Jacobowsky und der Oberst : third scene act II, part 1, earlier version , and English translation author of translation unknown, possibly Gustave O.

      Arlt , typescript, undated. Paulus unter den Juden : bound autograph manuscript final revised manuscript , inscribed to Alma, undated. Der Spiegelmensch : autograph manuscript in two notebooks , February - 11 February , followed by addition to III. Arlt unpublished , undated. All of these works have been published. Stern der Ungeborenen : typescript carbon, with handwritten corrections and emendations by William W.

      Melnitz, circa September-October Zum Todestag Franz Werfels am Genre and date of first publication appear in parenthesis following title. September , Universal-Edition, Vienna, Eine blassblaue Frauenschrift story; : autograph manuscript in notebook , 11 February - 24 April Zu Franz Theodor Csokors Zu Max Reinhardts For unpublished prose or notes, see the following in the series "Writings of Franz Werfel: Essays and Speeches — Outlines and Drafts," box 86; "Miscellaneous — Notes and Drafts," box 87; "Notebooks," boxes 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, and Use checkboxes to select any of the filters that apply to this item.

      Contact Us. Summary Information. Scope and Contents. Administrative Information. Collection Inventory. Correspondence between Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel. Writings by Alma Mahler. Writings by Franz Werfel. Adolf Klarmann Files. Secondary Sources on Franz Werfel. Oversized Materials except photographs. Index to FW poetry: published poems. Index to FW published dramatic works. Index to FW unpublished dramatic works. Index to FW published prose other than novels. Index to FW unpublished prose. Expand all. Powered by the DLA. Mahler-Werfel papers Ms. Abstract: The collection comprises the personal papers of Alma Mahler, the personal and professional papers of Franz Werfel, memorabilia related to Gustav Mahler, and the research files of Adolf D.

      Klarmann concerning Franz Werfel. Materials include correspondence to and from Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel, as well as to and from Adolf Klarmann, sometimes on behalf of Alma; writings of Alma, such as diaries and memoirs, as well as her musical compositions; writings of Werfel, such as poems, plays, novels, novellas and stories, and essays; memorabilia relating to Alma, her parents, Gustav Mahler, and Werfel, such as clippings, programs, and personal documents; photographs; and audio files, such as interviews and songs. PDF Version:. Access Restrictions This collection is open for research use.

      Electronic Guide The creation of the electronic guide for this collection was made possible through a grant from The Andrew W. Series Description Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Series Description These holdings include only a handful of original items exchanged between Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel. Handwritten correspondence from Franz Werfel to Alma Mahler 3 items , , ca.

      Handwritten correspondence from Alma Mahler to Franz Werfel 12 items , Der Dschin , Spiegelmensch , , Bockgesang , Schweiger , Verdi - Roman , Musa Dagh , Jacobowsky und der Oberst , August Stern der Ungeborenen , January-February Jacobowsky un der Oberst , August Undated letters and notes. Series Description A. Writings by Alma Mahler - Diaries. Diaries Tagebuch-Suiten , Alma Mahler's handwritten diaries, Suites , 26 January - 20 January Alma Mahler's handwritten diaries, Suites , 20 January - 16 January Diaries, - , Diary, Handwritten diary of Alma Mahler "Tagebuch " , Acid-free photocopy of Alma Mahler's diary, see above.

      Acid-free photocopies of a sampling of the notes and drafts. Arranged chronologically. Indices Following the last series in the collection inventory is a series of indices intended to assist in locating items that comprise writings of Franz Werfel, including autograph manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, and photocopies.

      Leather-bound journal, , inscribed to Alma. Contains poems. Contains poems, notes, and drawings. Poems from Einander Poems from Neue Gedichte Poems from Schlaf und Erwachen Typescripts of translations of Werfel's poems by others. Dramatic Works, alphabetical by title. Bocksgesang : Bound, handwritten manuscript, Schweiger : Bound autograph manuscript, inscribed to Alma Mahler, undated. Novels, alphabetical by title. Verdi: Roman der Oper : Bound autograph manuscript, first draft, 25 September Notes and Drafts - related to poetry.

      Notes and Drafts - related to dramatic works. Notes and Drafts - unidentified and miscellaneous. Photocopied clipping of "Klingsohr" dramatic scene , Prager Press, Clippings or photocopies from periodicals of uncollected essays and prose pieces. Related to Franz Werfel. Cloth book cover. Drawings and sketches by Werfel.

      Blank Stationery N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills. Clippings on Franz Werfel, Clippings on Alma Mahler, Clippings on Gustav Mahler, Gedanken der Liebe. Good Night, Good Night, Beloved! In Dreams. La Rossignol et la Rose. Mendelssohn Essentials. Puentes: Canciones de Argentina. Christopher Maltman. Schubert: Schwanengesang; Sonata D. Schumann: Choral Works. Flemish Radio Choir. Schumann: Liederkreis.

      Sigismund Thalberg: Songs and Chamber Music. Song Cycle: Schubert Lieder Transcriptions. Lucia Popp. Voci a Corde. A Poet's Love. Christmas From Saint Louis. Das Mahler Album. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Vergessene Lieder. Franz Liszt: Voll Freud und Leid. Sara Mingardo. Hans Pfitzner: Orchesterlieder. Johann Benjamin Gross: Bal l ade romantique. Liszt: Lieder. Lyricist, Text. Ludwig Thuille: Urschlamm-Idyll und Heiligenschein. Rebecca Broberg. Mahler: Lieder. Martinu: Songs, Vol. Massif Trio. Strauss, Liszt: Lieder. Richard Strauss Edition.

      Richard Strauss: Orchestral Works. Herbert von Karajan. Elisabeth Kulman. Thomas Oliemans. Schumann: Dichterliebe; Schubert: Songs. Schumann: Myrthen; Sechs Gedichte und Requiem. The Art of Lied. The Complete Delius Songbook, Vol. Wilhelm Kienzl: Lieder, Vol. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique; Le Roi Lear. Chopin: The Mazurka Diary. Anna Gourari. Dass nichts bleibt, wie es war!

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      Rüdiger Görner - School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

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      The Changing German-Jewish Symbiosis, 1945–2000

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      The Changing German-Jewish Symbiosis, 1945–2000

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