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The Love of a Devotee

Though there is heavy rain on all sides, the Chakori bird looks for water somewhere else. Even so, the Bhaktas look for their joy at the Lotus Feet of Lord Hari only, even though sensual objects go round them on all sides. The language of the heart and soul is the same everywhere. Devotees of the whole world have one creed and one language to express their feelings and experiences. Those who are endowed with Supreme devotion, who are stainless, who are beyond virtue and vice, who are perfectly calm and self-controlled, whose senses are under perfect subjugation, directly reach Lord Hari or Vasudeva without passing through the three stages; but those who are not equipped with perfect devotion pass through Aditya Mandala sun's orb , Aniruddha, Pradyumna and Sankarshana.

According to Bhagavata, there are three kinds of Bhaktas. He who loves God and is friendly to his devotees, kindly to the ignorant and indifferent to his own enemies is a middling devotee.

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He who, from traditional faith, worships Hari in images, but has no respect for His devotees or others, is an inferior Bhakta. All Glory be unto the Lord. The language of these Bhaktas of different climes is one. It is the language of heart.

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In them all differences have melted. Through devotion and communion with the Lord, the Bhakta obtains all those powers which come to men through birth or drugs or Tapas austerities or Mantras.

Yogananda Heals a Devotee of Low Self-Esteem

The glory of a Bhakta is ineffable. Even the Lord becomes a slave of His devotees. Victory to Lord Hari.

Glory to His Name. Glory to the devotees who sing the glory of the Lord and the glory of His Name. Who Is A Devotee? A Devotee will receive:.

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