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What do you think makes Amar and the child you selected unique as individuals? Do you think there is value in observing how people live around the world? Why or why not? Singh, M. Meena, R.

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This site requires Javascript; please enable it and reload your browser. Summary Details Lesson. Download in English or Spanish. Setting the Stage Introduce the film by telling students they will be watching a film about a year-old boy, Amar, who lives in a major city of Eastern India. Engaging with the Story While students watch the film, ask them to jot down the main activities of Amar's day. Delving Deeper After viewing the film, lead a discussion with such questions as: Make a list of Amar's main activities evident in the film, noting where these activities take place and the time of day.

Filmmaker Andrew Hinton uses timestamps, stating the hour and minutes, throughout the film. What do you think he is saying about Amar's life by using this technique? Make a list of your first impressions of Jamshedpur, the city where Amar and his family lives. What are some characteristics of Jamshedpur? Which of Amar's qualities and attitudes are most evident in this film?

How do these qualities or attitudes support or motivate Amar during his daily routine? This film contains ambient sound without music or dialogue. Filmmaker Andrew Hinton explained, "I like the simplicity of the natural sounds. What impact does this technique have on the viewer?

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If the film included dialogue, how might this change the viewer's experience? In an interview, Hinton explained that Amar "really made me stop and think about how I use the time in my own life.

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Would you use your time differently? If so, in what ways? Reflecting and Projecting Give students one of the following reflective writing prompts to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

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The subtitle of this film, "All great achievements require time," is a slogan on a poster in Amar's house. This quote was written by Maya Angelou, a well-known African American poet and novelist born into poverty in the south. Write a paragraph about this quote and address the following questions using examples from the film to support your point of view: How might you state or interpret this quote in your own words?

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How does Amar's life reflect the meaning of this quote? What do you think are some characteristics, or personality traits, a person can develop to live by this statement? Select one scene from the film and write a paragraph describing the scene in detail. For example, the scene you select could be Amar at home getting ready for school or riding his bike down the street.


How does this scene depict life in Jamshedpur? In what ways does this scene compare to a similar scene for example, your home, work or school in your life? Describe the similarities and differences between the scenes. Watch the film Class: 60 minutes.

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