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Located in the very heart of Moscow, Russia, just minutes away from the Kremlin, is the world-famous Bolshoi Theater. It hosts some of the finest opera and ballet productions in the entire world, and world-class singers and dancers regularly grace its stage. Denise loves opera, and I occasionally take her to the opera as a gift. I am always in awe of the wonderful, God-given talents of these performers.

Another aspect of these operas that has always impressed me is the response of the audience when they hear a singer who gives an outstanding performance. As they walk past the curtain, the crowds rise to their feet and begin to riotously cheer and applaud again. Then from all over the front of the auditorium, patrons vigorously fling flowers at the feet of the artists.

Within a few minutes, piles of flowers are scattered across the huge stage. As the applause and adulation begin to wind down, beautifully dressed ushers walk onstage to personally deliver magnificent bouquets that were brought for the singers by devoted fans who wanted to show their appreciation through a more extravagant gift. At the end of the night when the curtain falls for the last time, the singers return to their dressing rooms to change out of their costumes and have their cosmetics removed, and the crowds file out of the theater to return to their homes.

Ultimately, this grand experience persists only as a memory in the minds of those in attendance. The rounds of applause, praise, approval, and adulation were wonderful while they lasted, but the truth is, they never last long and they are soon forgotten. However, there is one kind of applause that will last for all of eternity — and that is the applause that comes from God Himself. Did you know that a day is coming in your future when you will be called onstage before God to give account for your life?

Are You Living To Receive Divine Applause?

This verse clearly reveals that the secrets and motivations of our hearts will be made known as we each stand before God on that momentous day. Paul used the word epainos to evoke a very strong image. For the first time, Game of Thrones stayed in one place and told interlocking stories. Thrones episodes would now be compared to the year's best movies and not be found wanting. Ah, the Red Wedding. Only that the episode would have been even higher on this list if it didn't spend more than half its time somewhere else.

Bran's still trundling towards the Wall with his gang, figuring out how to warg; Dany and Daario the first, Fabio-like version, alas are plotting their attack on Yunkai. Because of its grisly power, we think of the Red Wedding as a standalone episode in itself, like "Blackwater. The main event hewed pretty close to its equally shocking source chapter in the book A Storm of Swords , except that it added Robb's wife to the mix.

Yep, the showrunners invented Talisa just so she could be stabbed to death in her pregnant belly. Which either makes them more horrifically imaginative or more problematic than George R. Martin, depending on your point of view. But here's the other thing: We're still not over it.

The shock of murderous hosts at an event that's supposed to be about love and safety has no peer in world history — even the most bloodthirsty Scottish kings didn't massacre guests at weddings — and it tweaks something very deep in our mythical bones. You only have to think of Catelyn pulling up Roose Bolton's sleeve to reveal the chainmail, or the musicians suddenly changing their tune, to get shivers. That's peak TV , right there. You know it as the one where our hero Ned had his head cut off — the biggest WTF moment in TV history, at least up until that point.

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What's less well-remembered about "Baelor" is just how taut, powerful, and good-looking the rest of the episode is. The lighting has never been more stark — pun intended for this Stark-heavy episode — and the scenery never more subtle.

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This was back when the showrunners had to do way more on way less money. On a rewatch, it's chilling to see Catelyn Stark entering The Twins to parlay with Walder Frey for the first time, knowing that her throat will be slit on that spot two seasons hence. Robb Stark's inability to negotiate for himself is telling, as is his sacrifice of 2, men just to fool the Lannisters.

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And instead of focusing on that battle, "Baelor" focuses on the buildup, and a touching this-could-be-the-last-night conversation between Tyrion, Shae, and Bronn that makes you love each character. Which is also tragic in retrospect, considering how they'd be split asunder as permanently as Ned and his head. There is so much plot satisfaction in this episode that a better title would have been "the one where everything happens. The opening carries on from "Watchers on the Wall" and instantly supersedes it, as Jon parleys with Mance Rayder while Stannis surprises everyone by invading.

Dany is forced to lock up two of her kid-burning dragons in the most affecting pet-related scene since Old Yeller. Bran and Jojen find the ethereal, beautiful Heart Tree that Jojen saw in his vision, only for Jojen to get stabbed by skeletons. And we haven't even got to the three biggest-deal moments. Brienne and Podrick finally meet Arya, and after a gruesome duel Brienne defeats the Hound, who begs in vain for Arya to kill him.

Instead she sails off into the sunset for Braavos, and you think it's all over. Only then does Tyrion escape from prison, strangle Shae while choking back sobs, kill his toilet-bound father with two well-deserved crossbow bolts, and depart for Essos in a crate. No wonder that no other season finale would top the epic that was "The Children. Like the Red Wedding, it starts with haunting music. The hypnotic "Light of the Seven" theme plays for a full 10 minutes as the camera lingers on Cersei, King Tommen, and assorted nobles of Westeros in turn, as they prepare for the trial of the century in the Sept.

This episode has so much ground to cover, and yet it has the confidence to take its time, to set the stage in silence. The tension builds as the gears of Cersei's most elaborate plot start to grind. We knew she was planning to use wildfire — it had been telegraphed for several episodes — but how? Would she, like the Mad King, try to blow up all of King's Landing?

No, she would simply destroy the Sept at just the right moment, and stand swilling wine in its green afterglow. The Sparrows, a threat for two seasons, were eradicated in an instant of literal brilliance. And then her son jumped out of a window — one of the most shocking events in a show that has had more than its fair share since it began with Cersei insisting a child be thrown out of a window. Cersei became actual Queen a succession only Mashable had explained in advance , but with the taste of ashes in her mouth.

The episode is full of highs and lows like that. We weep when Samwell Tarly finally sees the Citadel library, but we also weep for Sansa as she gets overlooked and Jon Snow is declared King in the North. And we cheer at Arya's cold-served revenge on Walder Frey, even though it involved slicing and dicing his sons into pies. For an encore, "Winds of Winter" gave us three key events we'd been waiting an age to see: the official beginning of winter, the birth of Jon Snow, and Dany raising an armada to sail west with her dragons. She makes Tyrion her Hand — the honor overwhelms him — but also has to put Daario away.

Dany's awe-inspiring dragon armada, off to Westeros after seven seasons of buildup, had to be the finest CGI-filled scene in the show — that is, until Hate on Season 7 all you want I did. The reveals and reversals of "Spoils of War" proved Game of Thrones had the power to delight our eyes more than before, and send our pulses racing faster than ever.

Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls

Our jaws hurtled further to the floor when we saw the show's most unexpected moment of war. First a quick shout-out to the things you forget are in this surprisingly perfect episode. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dancing for the Lord , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 28, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: reads , contemporary , free-on-kindle , on-my-kindle.

This story had so good ideas, but a very poor writing style. Everything was told, not shown and a few parts left me scratching my head. While I liked Dani some, she was rather flat and didn't have any faults. By the end of the book, I felt I had wasted my time.

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