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Added by typosinkeye. Tambon Mae Raem, Thailand. You'll never meet anyone this passionate about elephant droppings. Added by dmaria. Related Places. The village's cobblestone streets are lined with shops displaying exquisite copper craftsmanship. Added by Max Cortesi. Civitacampomarano, Italy. A medieval Italian village is fighting depopulation with this vibrant annual street art festival.

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North Yorkshire, England. Each year this small English village becomes overrun with outlandish straw men. Added by EricGrundhauser. Barentsburg, Norway. This Arctic mining town is home to a cat that's spent years masquerading as a fox.

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Stay in Touch! She did not paint it black but with beautiful bright colored flowers. The people in town thought it a disgrace.

After all people in Umbrella Town only carried black umbrellas. Her friend Sasha wanted her umbrella painted too. They added lily pads with jumping frogs. Soon they began to notice other umbrellas with color. Every day there were a few more bright colored umbrellas until soon there were no black ones. It is sometimes difficult for children and adults to be different; we tend to follow the lead of others.

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When children learn to follow their instinct they become leaders. They learn it is OK not to be like everyone else. Soon others will follow their lead. This book also encourages art.

Larne’s ‘umbrella streets’ create canopy of colour in town centre - Larne Times

Katarina painted not only her own umbrella but those of her friends. Not every umbrella has to be alike. Some could have flowers while others had frogs and still others had stripes. Marcia Allen Bennett has created a cute book. And you can even imagine taking flight and go to the place of your dreams only grabbing one of these umbrellas. Have you already seen any floating umbrellas street art somewhere in the world?


Let us know leaving a comment, otherwise see you in Pietrasanta this summer. I have a passion for travels and photography, puzzles and Lego, beer and Fiorentina both bistecca and football team. Always happy when I get a flight ticket on my hand. Proudly Tuscan, one of my desires is to show people the hidden gems of my birthland! Thanks to their iconic monuments and marvelous landscapes, Florence and Cinque Terre are two of….

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Miss Ms. Don't show this popup again. Recipes Tuscan Specialties. Autumn Spring Summer Winter. View large. The importance of the floating umbrellas in Pietrasanta.