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Sign up. A song by Adrienne Cooper, z"l. She died just a year ago at 65; her friends and students in the Yiddish cultural and musical communities that she helped build got together to put on a moving memorial concert this past Saturday night. In her honor, many of her friends, among the most prominent singers and musicians in the secular klezmer musical world, performed.

One of the many great virtues I remember of Adrienne's masterful performance style was that she quietly offered a concise synopsis in English of the content of her songs before she proceeded to sing them. L'koved ir ondenk, I'm posting the simple lyrics to the powerful song that was the concert finale, Adrienne's "Sholem Lid," 'Peace song' also known as "Peace in the Streets".

Adrienne and Israel Houghton’s Christian Song Nominated for Daytime Emmy

The nigun she chose for it was a familiar one for 'sabenu mituvekho' from the shabes amidah -- you have to hear it. I have also heard it sung with 'shabes' instead of 'sholem. About us…. View The Leadership Team. You must enable javascript to view this page.

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This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Sadie's Song Pretty boy, my faithless fallen angel Took me completely in his arms In his eyes, I saw Eden's garden But the serpent lay hidden in his charms Well I used to love to sing with the sunlight in my hair Till that fateful day when I followed him there He said, climb, little Sadie higher Spread them downy wings and fly You will find your crown of gilded glory next to mine Climb, little Sadie, climb Icy winds up on Lookout Mountain Chilled two bodies to the bone But for that man, I did gladly lay down my back Upon a bed of stone Well I used to love to sing with the sunlight in my hair Till that fateful day when I followed him there Something's wrong, I heard my voices whisper I heard 'em whisper something's wrong A single shot, he said, "Fare thee well, Sadie" The round was cold, my breath was gone Well I used to love to sing with the sunlight in my hair Till that fateful day when I followed him there.

Written by: Adrienne Young. Nominate as Song of the Day. Spotify: Sadie's Song.

Secrets (feat. Adrienne Houghton) [Official Music Video]