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In the s, working in total silence in her London studio, Karshan discovered that the sound produced by her pencil as it moved across the paper helped her with her drawing process, giving her another indication to follow along with the rhythm of her breath. Listening to the sound is a sculptural act. The ear is the genuine sense of sculpture.

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Questi sei disegni hanno dato origine a sondaggi. I primi due erano preludi; quindi stabilivano la griglia. Il numero 3 fu quello, completamente disegnato in quello stesso giorno mentre gli stadi successivi venivano fissati per il 4, 5 e 6. Questi ultimi furono sviluppati i giorni successivi, progredendo secondo i turni. Infine furono 8 archi di quarto e 32 archi per turno. Starting on October 10, , using highly sophisticated sound equipment, Richardson recorded the artist in her studio as she created six drawings.

These sounds, taken together, are an account of the work. Architecturally it focuses on the center, the opposite of the nave basilica. It connects the four cardinal directions and represents the four seasons. If you trace around it, a circle appears. It is the simplest and most ancient depiction of the cross, the cross of early Christianity, Eastern Christianity and the Knights Templar.

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The crux quadrata. Its shape is devoid of spirit, alignment, teleology or progress: it is simply there, it simply is what it is. Collega i quattro punti cardinali e rappresenta le quattro stagioni. Se circoscritta, ne emerge un cerchio. La crux quadrata. Installed as part of the exhibition Equilibrio, But the artist shows that building with wisdom can shape the destiny of all humankind; most of all it must be constructed on a solid foundation, with materials of the highest quality and excellent technique.

Finally, on top of the finished tower, the artist plans to place her Toluca iron meteorite from Xiquipilio in Mexico, next to a Morasko meteorite that belonged to her late husband Howard. The relationship between the two meteorites recalls the duality and union of opposites in the Greek cross, and therefore also the masculine contrasted and united with the feminine. But what struck her even more were the circumstances of its origin, as it had formed in zero gravity.

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Karshan drawing in her London studio; still from the film Movements and their Images, Candida Richardson, By marking out my numbers and rhythms, I mark out time itself, that moving image of eternity as described by Plato in the Timaeus. My forms are universal; they belong to us all. Le mie forme sono universali; appartengono a tutti noi.

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Thus the abbey, dedicated to the Archangel Michael and designed by the priest-architect Bernardo Romano, took shape. In , after the unification of Italy, the abbey was suppressed and expropriated, and the friars moved to the complex of Santa Chiara in Borgo Rivera. The abbey of San Michele became a headquarters for the Guardia di Finanza and was later taken over by the municipal administration. The administration then decided to house the Regional Exposition in the building, which was reconverted by architect Carlo Waldis into its current evocative form, with its semicircular portico mirroring that of the Villa Comunale.

The complex hosted the Exposition and subsequent editions. In , the complex was expanded with the addition of new structures designed by architect Giuseppe Santoro. The earthquake caused severe damage to the entire complex, and the Emiciclo underwent a radical reconstruction effort following antiseismic legislation.

It was reopened to the public on June 22, The rebuilding project included the creation of a new foundation beneath the complex, and the installation and activation of 61 seismic isolators. It is the first public edifice in Italy - and indeed in all of Europe - to have adopted such an advanced anti-seismic system. Their libraries contained works of theology, rhetoric, history, architecture, medicine, mathematics and other natural sciences, as well as treatises on politics, philosophy and poetry.

Manuscripts, from late antiquity until the Renaissance, were all born in monasteries. La trascrizione dei codici e il loro studio, divennero il compito primario del convento. Reimagining balance as a dynamic state instead of one of stasis leads inevitably to a more physiological view of seismic events. These and countless other interactions show care: a relationship in which one human being helps another human being, furthering his or her wellbeing, learning, and personal growth.

The relationship of care can at times be awkward, distracted, or even oppressive. But at its best, it is helpful, capable of awakening the most beautiful qualities, such as kindness, warmth, and intelligence.

Piero Bassetti (President of Globus et Locus)

The relationship of care has been part of human history since its beginnings; upon it is founded our possibility for justice and civilization: without it we might fall into the abyss of barbarism. For this reason it is essential to study care in depth: Is it an instinctual or a deliberate relationship? The arts, sciences, humanistic disciplines, and individual experiences , are placed on the same plane, like knots in a net. Some dialogues widen our vision, where a singular thought cannot by itself explain the complex reality in which we live. A variety of perspectives and disciplines can give us a more complete understanding of ourselves, of others and of the world.

Francesca Barbagli : psychologist with training in Psychosynthesis, trainer, theater teacher, coordinator of the scientific committee of the Verso foundation. Andrea Bocconi : psychologist, psychotherapist, Psychosynthesis teacher, writer. Piero Ferrucci : graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Philosophy. From: medimops Berlin, Germany.

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    Worldwide delivery. From: il barone rampante Padova, PD, Italy. Published by E. About this Item: E. Published by arti grafiche padova From: Librivari Padova, Italy. About this Item: arti grafiche padova, Condition: ottimo. Raccolta di poesie in lingua e vernacolo; pag in perfetto stato. Seller Inventory ABE Published by All'antico Mercato Saraceno, Treviso Collana di poesia diretta da Carlo Rao, settembre Stampato in copie numerate.