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As Turkish Airlines Flight caught the jet stream over the Labrador Sea, its speed surged to knots mph , way above the Airbus A's cruising speed. The red dotted line shows the shortest path between Panama City and Istanbul. Courtesy of FlightRadar Especially not once you take a look at the weather conditions at the time. When the Airbus A was getting ready to unglue from the tarmac in Panama, the jet stream over the Labrador Sea was blowing something fierce. As the plane tracked north along the Eastern Seaboard, it was flying around mph, its standard cruising speed.

The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914

When it caught the wind, however, its speed surged, peaking at mph—without burning any more jet fuel than usual. This map of wind speeds at the time of the flight red means fast seems to explain why the plane went so far out of its way and how it managed to land on time. Because economics. Airlines operate on thin profit margins, so letting wind do the work usually done by expensive jet fuel is a no-brainer. Keep doing it and the carrier risks driving away future customers with poor on-time performance. And while flying slowly saves fuel, it also means putting more time on the aircraft and shortening the time before it has to be grounded for mandatory maintenance.

See a Problem?

Turkish Airlines did not immediately reply to questions about this flight. Such ever-changing conditions are the reason Singapore Airlines Flight 22, from New York to Singapore, can make the trip along one of three general routes : over the Pacific, over the Atlantic, or over the North Pole. And while the folks flying on Turkish Airlines Flight may have wondered why they could see Norwegian fjords on their trip from Panama to Istanbul, they probably stopped caring once they touched down, safely and on time. To avoid severe weather pilots used to carry 40 pound briefcases with piles of paperwork and information for their flight.

Not anymore. When a Turkish Airlines Airbus A caught the jet stream, its speed surged to mph. That's mph faster than the plane's standard cruising speed. Bananas, right? Minds Articles.

Panama Canal locks

Subscription offers. Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Researchers conducting fieldwork on the banks of the Panama Canal unearthed the new species of sea cow Florida Museum of Natural History. You can form your own view.

A Turkish Airlines Jet Flew 800 Miles Out of Its Way—and Landed on Time

Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Wildlife photographer of the year Show all Justin Hofman, USA. With little, and thinning, ice to move around on, the bear is unable to search for food.

Cristobal Serrano, Spain. Any close encounter with an animal in the vast wilderness of Antarctica happens by chance, so Cristobal was thrilled by this spontaneous meeting with a crabeater seal off of Cuverville Island, Antarctic Peninsula. These curious creatures are protected and, with few predators, thrive. These two adult males, probably brothers, greeted and rubbed faces for 30 seconds before settling down. Most people never have the opportunity to witness such animal sentience, and David was honoured to have experienced and captured such a moment. The picture was taken in Ndutu, Serengeti, Tanzania.

Matthew Maran, UK. Matthew has been photographing foxes close to his home in north London for over a year and ever since spotting this street art had dreamt of capturing this image. After countless hours and many failed attempts his persistence paid off. Wim came across these king penguins on a beach in the Falkland Islands just as the sun was rising. They were caught up in a fascinating mating behaviour —the two males were constantly moving around the female using their flippers to fend the other off.

Bence Mate, Hungary. While adult African wild dogs are merciless killers, their pups are extremely cute and play all day long. Bence photographed these brothers in Mkuze, South Africa —they all wanted to play with the leg of an impala and were trying to drag it in three different directions! David Barrio, Spain.


These clams spend their lives embedded amongst stony corals, where they nest and grow. It took David some time to approach the clam, fearing it would sense his movements and snap shut! Suzi Eszterhas, United States. Luckily it was paired with a female beaver who took on the role of mother and they were later released into the wild.

Audun Lie Dahl, Norway. Where it meets the sea, the glacier wall is so high that only the waterfalls are visible, so Audun used a drone to capture this unique perspective. Franco Banfi, Switzerland. Franco was free diving off Dominica in the Caribbean Sea when he witnessed this young male sperm whale trying to copulate with a female. Unfortunately for him her calf was always in the way and the frisky male had to continually chase off the troublesome calf. David Lloyd. The baby gorilla clung to its mother whilst keeping a curious eye on David. He had been trekking in South Bwindi, Uganda, whenhe came across the whole family.

Following them, they then stopped in a small clearing to relax and groom each other. Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal, Spain. When the sun beams through a hole in the rock at the foot of the La Foradada waterfall, Catalonia, Spain, it creates a beautiful pool of light. The rays appear to paint the spray of the waterfall and create a truly magical picture. Konstantin Shatenev, Russia. Every winter, hundreds of Steller's sea eagles migrate from Russia, to the relatively ice-free northeastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan.

They hunt for fish among the ices floes and also scavenge, following the fishing boats to feed on any discards. Konstantin took his image from a boat as the eagles retrieved a dead fish thrown onto the ice. Pedro Carrillo, Spain. The mesmerizing pattern of a beaded sand anemone beautifully frames a juvenile Clarkii clownfish in Lembehstrait, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Known as a 'nursery' anemone, it is often a temporary home for young clownfish until they find a more suitable host anemone for adulthood. Tin was fortunate enough to be told about a fox den in Washington State, North America, which was home to a family of red, black and silver foxes. After days of waiting for good weather he was finally rewarded with this touching moment. Anna Henly, UK. Snapped from a helicopter, this isolated tree stands in a cultivated field on the edge of a tropical forest on Kauai, Hawaii. Tony Wu, USA.

Phil Jones, UK. Despite its huge size the shifting sands had almost covered the whole carcass and scavengers, such as this striated caracara, had started to move in. Federico Veronesi, Kenya. On a hot morning at the Chitake Springs, in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, Federico watched as an old lioness descended from the top of the riverbank.

Christian Vizl, Mexico. With conditions of perfect visibility and beautiful sunlight, Christian took this portrait of a nurse shark gliding through the ocean off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas. Franco used the underwater lights from his boat and a long exposure to create this otherworldly image. Antonio Leiva Sanchez, Spain.

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After several months of field research into a little colony of greater mouse-eared bats in Sucs, Lleida, Spain, Antonio managed to capture this bat mid-flight. Audren Morel, France. Unafraid of the snowy blizzard, this squirrel came to visit Audren as he was taking photographs of birds in the small Jura village of Les Fourgs, France.

Rob Blanken, The Netherlands. The pied avocet has a unique and delicate bill, which it sweeps like a scythe, as it sifts for food in shallow brackish water.

Billabong Spring 2016 – Bocas Del Toro, Panama - PacSun

This stunning portrait was taken from a hide in the northern province of Friesland in The Netherlands. Connor Stefanison, Canada.

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A great grey owl and her chicks sit in their nest in the broken top of a Douglas fir tree in Kamloops, Canada. They looked towards Connor only twice as he watched them during the nesting season from a tree hide 50 feet 15 metres up. Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds.

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