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I loved the way she was so determined to find Ric's father so that he could get to know his grandson. She knew she was taking a risk but felt it was the right thing to do. When she discovered that Ric was alive, she couldn't believe it. She was very happy to see how quickly he fell in love with his son and how good he was with the baby.

She agreed to go to Cyprus with him so that he could get to know the baby. She also knew that he had to find a way to tell his fiancee. She hurt for him when his fiancee was less than accepting. As they spent more time together getting to know each other she fell more in love with him, though she knew nothing could come of it.

Ric had spent months looking for Sami after the avalanche. He finally gave up and contracted an arranged marriage to save his family's business. When she showed up and he learned about his son he was amazed. His heart was stolen by the baby immediately and he couldn't bear to let him out of his sight.

The Count's Christmas Baby

He convinced Sami to go with him so they could spend time together. He wasn't looking forward to dealing with his fiancee, as he was sure she wouldn't take the news well. He also knew she wouldn't be happy that he was giving up his title forever.

Yo atrapo a la villana. Bbrae

I loved the way that he was so hands on with the baby and the way that he was so intent on making sure that Sami and the baby stayed close no matter what happened. When the whole story of the engagement came out, it was interesting to see how he was going to deal with it.

Want to go to Cuba?

I loved the ending of course - a perfect fairytale. I also really liked Ric's brother and sister. May 27, Melody Cox rated it it was ok. I found this book a bit disconcerting and had difficulty finishing it. Just how many times can Ric talk about his fiancee in front of Sami Argyle, the mother of his child? How can he still plan to marry his fiancee when she wants him to give up his first born child?

This book lacked honesty and I found it painful to read. It wasn't horribly difficult to know how it would turn out but there were too many secrets and withheld emotions along the way for me to enjoy it.

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View 1 comment. Dec 25, Jacqueline rated it it was ok Shelves: , chicklit-romance , stand-alone. One Christmas baby! Okay, maybe not that Count. Oct 04, Tia rated it liked it. The novel was kind of weird, I felt like I was missing huge amounts of information while reading it. Like the avalanche scene and what not. I think it should of been in there as a prologue. Anyways the book was freaky and kind of nice.

I couldn't imagine taking on my fathers 'debts', it's just not how it's done now a days. Sep 04, Buffer rated it liked it. Over the years I've read all of the books written by Rebecca Winters. She is a friend of the family and I love her stories. They are quick reads and always end happily ever after - which I love! It's kind of like watching a chick flick for me.

I'm just now getting around to putting them all or most of them on good reads. Nov 01, Harlequin Books added it Shelves: largeprint , Wimbledon pone a Federer como segundo cabeza de serie y a Nadal como tercero - teleradioamerica.

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