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  4. His nationalist discourse has largely been understood as an efficient tool to coopt pressure from below. In diesem Beitrag untersuchen Jens Heibach und Mareike Transfeld die Dynamiken innerhalb der jemenitischen Opposition zwischen den er Jahren und Although scholars increasingly become victims of repression, concise catalogues that systematize the global restrictions of academic freedom are conspicuously absent from the literature.

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    This recent article by our doctoral fellow Jannis Grimm for the peer-reviewed journal Interdisciplinary Political Studies intends to fill this gap by outlining the conceptual architecture of a comprehensive Academic Freedom Index AFI. The book of poems by Tugrul Tanyol Il vino dei giorni a venire The wine of the days to come, Ladolfi editore, , curated by Verderame. The lecture, by Dr. Nayanika Mathur University of Oxford, UK , presents an ethnography of the developmental Indian state through a methodological grounding in the everyday life of law and bureaucracy.

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    This book is aimed at supporting researchers at all career levels who are preparing for or engaged in on-the-ground research in challenging environments. The handbook provides a guiding framework that will enable higher-education staff and students to undertake fieldwork as safely as possible. Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Aleksandra Lewicki has just published a new edited journal collection with Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen that engages with the question whether and how the recent volunteering on behalf of refugees constitutes a broader social movement.

    Aleksandra Lewicki has just published a new article with the peer reviewed international journal Patterns of Prejudice. The piece sets out how current discourses of citizenship and integration policy have blind spots on issues of racism and inequality, and therefore set the stage for the rise of right-wing populist parties and their anti-Muslim racist agenda.

    They thus enabled the success of the AfD or developments like Brexit.

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    Beim Deutschen Orientalistentag, der vom Die Kunsthistorikerin Prof. Cilja Harders. Am Unser Doktorand Jannis Grimm und sein Kollege Ilyas Saliba geben den Input: Safer research in hostile environments: designing a handbook for human and digital security in the social sciences. Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung.

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