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VIII pp. Atlanta, Georgia. In Die ganzheitlich-verstehende Betrachtung der sozialen Leistungsordnung pp. Previsione della domanda di beni di investimento in singole aziende per mezzo di indicatori anticipatori. In Rassegna della letteratura sui cicli economici, XXV. These schemes are a wonderful way to track consumer behaviour and spending at the same time as providing an incentive for repeat purchasing.

Naturally, these schemes work best for companies offering products, but with a little imagination they can be adapted to almost anything, from museums to services. A charity needs to sustain its relationship with its supporters too and so setting up a scheme that can benefit both parties as well as encourage new members is invaluable.

If your company or organisation already has a marketing plan, go through it very carefully.

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It may be years out of date. For example, you may not be making the most of the internet and modern technologies. Many companies have started using viral marketing as a way to draw attention to themselves or a new product, these more modern strategies are not appropriate for some, but could turn out to be invaluable for others. Product placement is another very common method, that is, making sure you get your product into the public eye through television series, films and so on and thereby strengthening and consolidating your public image. There are the traditional advertising campaigns which are the backbone of many marketing plans, celebrity endorsement through sponsorship as well as publicity stunts based around a press release or event.

The press release has become a very popular way to promote certain products or services as it brings you straight into the public eye through media coverage. Journalists are always looking for a story and are very grateful when handed a potential scoop that will get their readers interested. Along with the marketing plan comes the famous marketing mix: price, place, promotion and product. How are you approaching these four elements? Do you need to reconsider the mix you have or redefine it altogether?

Are you introducing a new product? Or are you trying to refresh the image of an established one? Another fundamental part of devising your marketing plan will be to carry out a SWOT analysis. Try to involve as many of the team as possible in this, gather statistics from as many sources as possible too. There are many ways to get feedback from existing customers and collect information about competitors. Whether you are working in a multinational company, a small family-run business or a charity you will no doubt be asked to justify your budget, to prove that the money you spend on marketing is not being wasted.

This is one of the hardest areas for a marketing department to define as you are working with the production department too. To make your company more profitable, you may need to implement changes in production or distribution at the same time as bringing your product to the market or maintaining its position. You may find that you have to make suggestions that are not popular in order to streamline efficiency. The best way to deal with that is to make sure you have a solid understanding of the capabilities and capacities that the other departments have and to have excellent communication between teams.

So to summarise that last section. If you need to carry out more market studies, do. We are living in a fast-changing world and need to keep up with the times.