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Of course, no category can capture the nuances of every individual, which is why we work so hard to help you understand your own unique characteristics and tendencies. Ultimately, you decide what balance means for you. Finding this balance usually involves intent and plenty of practice, just like any learning does.

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One method is to draw on personality traits other than our own. Studying the positive tendencies associated with a different personality type or trait can inspire us, and we can emulate those behaviors in order to balance our own tendencies. Our tendencies are often entrenched within us, and our personality traits can bring us strengths as well as certain challenges. Without care and moderation, some trait-related behavior can become quite unproductive.

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For example, a Judging personality who wants to become more flexible could study how Prospecting personalities adapt and embrace change. And the Judging individual can practice that positive behavior independently of any less appealing potentials of the Prospecting trait.

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Maintaining the useful parts of our own personality traits while practicing desirable aspects of other traits can be very complementary. Learning to happily roll with a sudden change in plans? Still being punctual? Borrowing a behavior is a nice idea, but how do you do it? Our framework can help you understand the wonderful qualities of other personality types and traits.

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Monthly, hosts Carla and Philip each chose a performance to attend and discuss in depth. Across the Aisle was created specifically to provide long form criticism and promotion of live performance pieces that do not usually get covered, in depth, in traditional arts media. Land that was never ceded. Land that was and always will be Aboriginal.

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Philip is an English and literature teacher, blogger and cultural consumer from Melbourne, Victoria. He has a particular interest in immersive performance pieces.

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Ron is a digital media producer in Melbourne, Victoria. He is also a closet train spotter, accomplished musician and immersive theatre conspirator. We believe theatre and the performing arts are for everyone. Prefer a once-a-week email?

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