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Mostrar 20 40 60 80 Zyanya: Always and Forever is the beginning of a three-book saga that takes place in a central Mexican rainforest. Zyanya is the name of the prosperous coffee plantation that Severo Alba founded. His son and grandson reject their heritage. They flee from the legend, the rituals, and shamanism. Having been raised in Texas, away from Zyanya and the prophecies, year-old Jairo is completely unaware of his legacy. The story begins when Tabatha, a year-old girl from Dallas who is involuntarily moving with her parents to a third world country where her stepfather will be a doctor, arrives at a tiny village where the coffee plantation Zyanya is located.

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She is angry at leaving behind her life in Dallas and has a recurring dream about a boy who unsettles her. Uprooted from their city lives, these two teens face terrifying danger, as sorcery, magic, and romance touch their lives. A woman discovers she is a reincarnated Mayan priest, goes to Mexico to learn about the Mayan prophecy for the end of the world. A gripping tale set in the early African missionary era, Within is the story of Wild, a boy with mysterious powers who was conjured into this world through sorcery. Unfortunately, the powerful magic that gave birth to Wild also leads to the demise of his parents.

Orphaned and haunted by spirits, Wild is seen as a bad omen wherever he goes. As he journeys, Wild begins to understand that his purpose is to prevent the rise of the Dark Lord and his evil forces that are terrorizing the lands. Once he has owned up to his purpose, Wild must take a leap of faith and stand before the Dark Lord to do battle. Find out who will ultimately triumph in the conclusion of this epic tale of magic, adventure, and good versus evil.

Six college students, all born on the same date in the same year, have at one time in their lives gone into a coma, except for one. They all have similar experiences of dreams or nightmares about the same situation, where they feel they are on the edge of eternity faced with incredible connections to their real lives. Drew and five of his college peers — called the "circle" — are running out of time. They have only a few weeks to find a series of lost scrolls from a time long forgotten.

Their college professor has told them of their connections to the past, revealing the doomsday theory to be fact. The six are forced to separate when the world begins to fall apart. Members of the circle have to travel back in time to find the answers and save the planet. Will Grant, Guardian is not just any guardian, he is the guardian of the world. In the first installment of David Dale's five-part epic, readers will travel along on an unforgettable journey as Will struggles to save the world.

Given extraordinary powers to achieve this task, Will possesses near invincibility and a strength superior to mortal men. But with his new found power, this once ordinary man, who was once an accountant, must now learn to adapt to his new life. Balancing his super identity with that of his former self, Will trains to control and temper his enhanced abilities.

At the same time, he struggles to maintain perspective while relating to family and friends. The beginning of this sci-fi epic explores the psychological and physical ramifications of someone who goes through such drastic physical changes.

Zyanya: Always and Forever

Who is this man that was chosen for such a herculean task? Who is Will Grant, Guardian? A psychologist hires a private Investigator to find a murderer and the results of his investigation are shocking. Before there were fables or any stories of old, there was the adventure from which all adventures come. One book was created and left unwritten. Believed to possess greater powers than words alone it was passed down through the ages, inspiring yet twelve more. All people and faeries alike believed in the power of those books and the need to preserve them for the future so that they would inspire others.

In the beginning just one man stood against seven strikes of evil for just that reason, because he believed…believed that anything was possible between the covers of a book. But when the books are stolen in later years, he and others who now believe will follow the path of destiny, being tested to the end. Will true magic live on? Beings from a distant planet impact the political, economic, and spiritual life of both Britain and the world in this tale that uses a touch of science fiction to explore human potential.

Dealing with a suffering economy and rising inflation, the prime minister is a year into office and faces nothing but frustration. Then, visitors with impressive technological skills and an astonishingly tranquil presence arrive claiming to be from a distant world. This perceptive narrative lifts current political debate out of its rut when these aliens explain that, thanks in part to the wise Teachers of Earth, they have established a just society in which they live in peace and happiness. With the use of sharp dialogue and a message carefully wrapped in a gripping story, this exquisite yarn reintroduces ideas that inspired reformers worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century.

Editorial Reviews Review As Einstein observed, ""The world cannot get out of the current state of crisis with the same thinking that got it there in the first place"". John Stewart, his alien visitors and the people whose lives they touch, know this only too well. Rarely can such a profound message have been delivered in so stimulating and entertaining a fashion.

The end of the world is happening—alien invaders are plotting to take over Planet Earth. Brett, a young call center employee, starts to see visions and develops the ability to find cures for devastating illnesses. His psychic powers become stronger and develop into wizardry.

Coincidence or prophecy? Brett, learning of the impending doom, enlists the help of his genius, geologist girlfriend, Freddie. The two leave their ordinary lives to embark on an extraordinary mission—to save the world before the alien invaders destroy it. Their journey takes them from outback Australia to Italy, Egypt and Norway. Along the way, they meet "special" people; Annie, a part aboriginal angel; Mandrake, an ex Vatican occult investigator; Bill, an ex-priest and exorcist and his wife, Liz, who possesses the DNA of Jesus Christ.

The group causes a worldwide religious upheaval with the help of alien allies, but is it enough to stop Armageddon? A man has nightmares of the annihilation of civilization. Are these just dreams or are they a prophecy of things to come? A world at peace. This thin veil of a lie is about to be torn apart by two men who will alter the destiny of not only this world, but all worlds. A tree so powerful and full of riches that nations have been destroyed in the search for its location.

As the two of them traverse their world, they realise all is not well, as sinister plots emerge everywhere they go. A foreshadow of greater strife to come. An Alien hijacks a space ship in his world and escapes to Earth. He becomes a leader of a nation, the legendary City of Atlantis. At 17 years old, Catherine finds herself in love with a man who only exists in her dreams. Catherine realizes that her dreams are suddenly becoming very real. She begins to hear secret telepathic conversations, she moves things without touching them, and she can stop time with just a thought.

"Zyanya", first part of the musical triptych "Myths" (Mitos).

James was sent to be her protector against those in the Dark World wanting to steal her powers as she approaches her 18th birthday. As a sworn protector from the World of Light, James is limited to what he can share with Catherine, which has her questioning her sanity.

When a new boy named Casey moves to town, Catherine is intrigued. She allows herself to take a chance on a normal relationship, only to find that there is nothing normal about Casey. He has powers similar to hers, and for some odd reason, has a sickening effect on her. While trying to convince herself to let go of her fantasy with James, she finds herself questioning everyone around her.

Catherine learns of a very real war going on around her and realizes she will be at the center of the battle when she reaches 18, for she is the descendant of a powerful leader in the World of Light. But her gift has not always been a blessing. Growing up she is constantly teased, finding it very difficult to make friends.

After struggling to finish college, Alisa decides to move to Key West to begin a new life. She lives with her brother and owns a gym. Her life is simple and tranquil until a surprise visitor arrives: an unknown twin sister. Alisa learns from her twin sister that her gift of seeing feelings is a result of being a Patronus, a noble race that protects humans from vampires and werewolves.

Zaniyah is Aztec -Nahuatl name meaning Forever, Always -OwuNames

Her twin sister instructs her in the arts of the Patronus and she learns to focus her powers. Yet all is not well in the Patronus world. A new King has usurped the throne and seeks to capture Alisa and her twin sister. Together, along with a dedicated group of friends, the twins must escape the clutches of the false King. Writer gives three accounts of encounters with aliens and describes in detail their appearance and the type of technology they use.

A family hears the call of the wild, leave their village and wander into the wilderness where they transform into vampires. In this riveting and highly-entertaining story, Kate Stevenson, a country girl from Upstate New York, makes it big in corporate America. As she prepares to unveil a breakthrough plan that assists third-world countries in their efforts to become self sufficient, Kate discovers that she is the target of competitors with their own evil agenda and underworld connections.

When Kate meets Vince, a bad-boy-turned-good, he decides to put his business and family at risk to protect her. Will Kate see her work survive? Will Vince be able to hold on to what he holds dear? Treasure takes the reader down a harrowing and dramatically satisfying path, presenting a tale of ambition, dreams, jealousies and intrigue. Soldier killed in action forgoes the rewards of heaven to come back to earth to help his injured comrade in Iraq.

And the fate of all humanity rests in the hands of five Los Angeles stoners, like literally, dude! Terrified, confused, and maybe just a bit stoned, our unlikely heroes must unlock the secret of the Augur before all hell really does break loose! Trading OHM is the first part of the Augurspell Mystery, a satirical urban fantasy epic that challenges modern man's terror of a self-made Armageddon. No political, religious or social institution is left unscathed by the unleashing of the enigmatic Augur and the hapless heroes, dictatorial villains and questionable protectors who cross continents, timelines, basic human decency, and every government on Earth, to save humanity from the one force against which it has absolutely no hope Want to know what really happened when Birmingham exploded?

Anders Jensen is having a bad month. His roommate is a data thief, his girlfriend picks fights in bars, and his best friend is a cyborg…and a lousy tipper. When everything is spiraling out of control, though, maybe those are exactly the kind of friends you need.

How to Pronounce Zyanya

In a world divided between the genetically engineered elite and the unmodified masses, Anders is an anomaly: engineered, but still broke and living next to a crack house. Frenetic and audacious, Three Days in April is a speculative thriller that raises an important question: once humanity goes down the rabbit hole, can we ever find our way back? It has been a year since Sulis Hasifel fled to the desert, narrowly escaping death at the hands of a vengeful god.

The time of the final battle, the final confrontation with the deities of her world, is nearing. Lured by the call of their long-trapped powers, the deities will descend upon the Obsidian Temple, where the Chosen await. But the war between gods and humans has enveloped the entire land. Little by little, the desert armies draw the deities away from their stronghold in the north, towards their doom.

In this spellbinding denouement to Desert Rising and The Obsidian Temple, Kelley Grant brings her epic trilogy to a thunderous and powerful conclusion. Over in the corner was a great, tall clock, that had stood there silently with never a tick or a ting since men began to grow too wise for toys and trinkets. The world is formed and changed by the will of the mountains. The old race of Men has risen and fallen in the northlands, their remnants scattered. The second race now flourish on the verdant plains of Allinor.

If you could travel through time, what epic event would you pick to experience? His next adventure takes him to perhaps the most extraordinary event in history! Ben returns to the past to witness the death of the great prophet who was crucified on a cross. He video records the entire event, but Ben becomes trapped inside the tomb just before the body is laid to rest and is sealed inside for three days.

What he witnesses is beyond belief! Read how the people of the world receive this information, and how this affects Ben and his mentor. Ben travels to other momentous events in history that will keep readers enthralled.

But it all begins with The Unveiling: Quest in Time. In , teen clone Adam Newman finds himself waiting in the "Earith" dimension for The Understanding, a mental nexus conferred on humans by the cloning process. Torn from his family life after the brutal murder of his parents, Adam's world changes even more when he discovers the existence of his clone twin, Noah.

Although he finds comfort and love in the sanctuary of the University, nothing can prepare him for the love of his soul mate, Eve, or for his destiny. The Understanding interweaves the most fantastic, mind-bending elements of science fiction. Broadly a sci-fi thriller, The Ultimate Reprieve by Daniel Romm will compel the readers to finish reading the book at one go.

Romm fabricates suspense in the very first chapter of the book and weaves it to the many sub-themes that the book touches upon, as the story progresses. The plot has been carved to acquire depth, and the curiosity it breeds will haunt the readers till they reach the end—and maybe even beyond. However, the most captivating element of the book is that the future portrayed in the novel is not a far-fetched idea, but it is an insight into what the forthcoming centuries on planet Earth will hold for all of humanity.

The space shuttle Galaxy, while attempting to dock with the space station Able, has a malfunction of the retro fire rockets. This jettisons the Galaxy, with Captain Jonathan Raney and his four fellow astronauts, far out into space, into its own orbit around the sun. After months of futile efforts, the crew loses contact with Earth. Running out of supplies and hope, they fall asleep, only to awake to find their shuttle docked with a sophisticated spacecraft full of humans — or are they? These rescuers are from the Planet Kaldea.

Treasure hunters brave dangerous Pacific reefs as they try to unearth long lost treasures from shipwrecks. A flying train educates the future leaders of the world. The best student of them all discovers the dark side of the train. A microbiologist fights to counter a pandemic of huge proportions supposedly created by a bug returned from a space shuttle. But was it? Ben steals the bug viruses from his work lab, not trusting the World Health Organization, which he believes is the creator of the bug.

"Zyanya: Always and Forever" Now Available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-Readers

The WHO tries to close Ben down when he comes up with the anti-virus. On the run with two young friends, Ben races to save humanity in a world where simply meeting a man, woman or child could cause their death. The Struggle of the Young Inheritors: Book 1 in the Bug Series presents the thrilling survival mission of a few souls trying to overcome in a world gone mad. As the bugs exterminate more and more humans, the battle is on to determine the victor. This novel shows that youth can survive without their elders — or even despite their elders — can learn quickly to adapt, and can make a difference, no matter the odds.

A brother and sister go swimming in a sea and find themselves teleported to another world to witness the creation of that universe. After an accident in space Jay crash-lands onto a strange world and loses his ship. He is rescued, but enslaved. After many adventures he manages to win his freedom and together with his new wife starts life in his adopted land.

While visiting relatives of his wife, their son is infected with a fever from a swamp and lapses into a coma. Jay takes him to see the Regal of Mordia whose surgeons diagnose the fever as the Sleeps. The only cure is a medicine made from a tree root, but it comes from a land far away where people disappear and are not heard of again. When Maria Taylor purchases Westingdale, a huge mansion overlooking the sea, she hopes to turn the beautiful old house into an historic bed and breakfast.

But the long-vacant home has problems of its own. Little do they know that Westingdale is haunted. Many unanswered questions are waiting to be discovered in their new home. With the help of a very unusual guest, the mysteries become clearer. Join along with a mother and daughter seeking a new life.

You will laugh and cry as their story unfolds, and also be left with the knowledge that it is okay to find love again. What are The Secrets of Westingdale? For some, it can be as simple as finding forgiveness. The date is a. Their master is Archbishop Haridan, the leader of the Monastery of Fordosheol, and the most feared figure in the known world. Young Delko is naive and foolish. His playful frame of mind has long gotten him into trouble. He is unaware that greatness has been hunting him down.

He is about to be chosen as the next Advocate and will find himself in an adventure he never would have chosen. He will learn the ways of magic, the Sword of Truth, and that he must defend the future of the United Dwarf Alliance. The lives of every Dwarf, Elf, and Druid will be changed … but evil has another plan. A normal year-old girl, she has no idea she is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. When Trudy discovers The Secret of Ellis Meadow with the aid of a map, an ancient timepiece, and the help of her two best friends, she travels through time to prevent something dreadful from happening.

Two powerful Warlord magicians have returned to take back the land that once belonged to their forefathers and many other ancient races of magic users who had abandoned the land many centuries ago to allow the human race to expand and develop. The Ruby Warriors, a proud race of mercenary clansmen and women, deemed to be the only threat to their long term plans for domination, have been systematically wiped out. Any survivors from the final, dreadful clan wars that had seen the warriors face up to each other were summarily executed without trial and were no longer seen as a credible force.

He must hatch a plan to reassemble the scattered remnants of the mercenary warriors and unite them under one banner. The old man realises that his plans would take quite a lot of time to reach fruition but he is prepared to take that time … a commodity of which the mysterious old man has plenty …! The Rock: The Beginning is a short narrative about a small Mississippi River town that braces for the end of the world.

Suddenly, there is the unexpected appearance of zombies. What does it mean? How the people in this small town react to the trials and tribulations they go through as they face annihilation is explored in this thought-provoking story. Conspiring groups appear, and people must decide who they can trust. Is the novel The Rock: The Beginning, the beginning or the end? Faced with a threat so diabolical that if allowed to succeed, this novel? The three agents must track down a previously unheard of home-grown terror group with unlimited sources, a nuclear bomb, and what the terrorists see as a direct mandate from God to prevent the marriage of 10, same sex couples from taking place.

Will this be a? The Unit must track down a suitcase bomb as it is transported from a former Soviet Union stronghold across Europe to the West, by some of the most deadly and shadowy couriers alive. In an ironic twist, the agents become the hunted, and barely escape death. In the end, the leader of the trio, Chuck Chisholm, finds himself alone, holding the fate of a South Florida community dependant on his life or death decision.

He must find within himself a spiritual dimension he never knew existed. It is just a matter of time before knowing what is worth fighting for. Exeus becomes the national champion in the season after defeating the champion of Lord John Lawyer's ludclub, the otherludclub in the capital of Sapagna. After this big win, he meets Leader Christopher Oldus when, unexpectedly, the Leader shows up at the gates of his house.

The Leader tells him about a secret plan that will let Exeus make a big name for himself if he agrees to help the Leader. Sapagna is getting ready for an international war and Oldus wants Exeus to lead an army of black stings that will winthat war for Sapagna; however, Exeus refuses and dares to defy the Leader, which unleashes a series of events that will cause trouble for the main character of this story. A warrior from another world arrives in a place where he is mistaken as one of their gods.

Until one day, when the gods returned. The story is situated long ago in a universe that is not our own, where the survival of the future lies in the fate of a barbarian marked by death. While legendary vampires find nourishment in human blood, the psychic vampires feed on the human mind. John, a disillusioned veteran, returned home from Iraq plagued by his wartime experiences.

He meets a beauty named Rosemary, who uses her evil, ignorant philosophy to entrap him in her web. The Dudley family must find a means of saving their son, but the vampire is cunning and powerful. Cleaned up a lunchtime sketch. Another wonderful moment in time where our artisans accomplished a grand project, proving a great team can do great things.

These talented women hand embroidered 23 meters of linen to make this impressive room divider. The embroidery thread is hand spun plant fiber that was cultivated on our property.

Hay 4 cosas que nunca vuelven: La oportunidad perdida. La flecha lanzada. La palabra ya dicha. La vida pasada Para capturar un recuerdo El espacio ideal para tus eventos!!! Maria sat and listened to Roderich play the piano. Antonio had passed away a month before, leaving her brother, Lovino to watch other her. She whispered quietly a single name. This was what she called Elizaveta. To Maria, she was Zyanya. In Nahuatl, the name meant Always or Forever.

The memory of her mother, Yaotl and that of Elizaveta would live forever within Roderich and Maria. No matter how much Maria had to live through, she knew that war was never the answer. Maria knew never to forget her mother. Nor will I forget Zyanya. You are both my family. They spent the night together. Maria had fallen asleep on the floor by the piano. Her dreams were filled with memories of her mother and of Elizaveta, who became a mother for her.

Although, her life would be full of trial and torment, she always knew that her family would protect her and watch over her. She went from the carefree Aztec girl to a strong musical woman. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maria lives her life. From the age of five to the age of sixteen.

She learns about the piano and thinks about her mother, Antonio, and Elizaveta. I hope you liked it. Please review but don't be too harsh. Zyanya Azteca 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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