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Proceeding to the city of the Vrishnis with Daruka in his company, O puissant king, that hero beheld that the city of Dwaraka looked like a woman bereft of her husband. Those ladies who had, before this, the very Lord of the universe for their protector, were now lordless. Seeing that Partha had come for protecting them, they all set up a loud wail. Indeed, as soon as they saw Arjuna arrive, they uttered a loud cry of sorrow.

As soon as the Kuru prince met those beauteous ones deprived of the protection of Krishna and of their sons as well, he was unable to look at them, his vision being obstructed by tears. The Dwaraka river had the Vrishnis and the Andhakas for its water, steeds for its fishes, cars for its rafts, the sound of musical instruments and the rattle of cars for its waves, houses and mansions and public squares for its lakes.

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Gems and precious stones were its abundant moss. The walls of adamant were the garlands of flowers that floated on it. The streets and roads were the strong currents running in eddies along its surface. The great open squares were the still large lakes in its course. Rama and Krishna were its two mighty alligators. My sons, my grandsons, my great grandsons…they all survived every war they fought and returned victoriously.

Even in the glorious Kurukshetra war too they fought and returned exultantly. Such was their power and supremacy. But now… inebriated and with senses lost , they killed their own kin and friends and are lying dead. Even my sons, the foremost souls of earth, they too are gone! Is it Gandhari or the saints for their curse?

Or Akrura who brought my sons from the beautiful Vrindhavan? Or Samba for his immature prank? The Vrishnis were full of Pride all these years. Is it the Pride that killed us? I do not blame any of those. All that to be blamed will be my Krishna. Without his acceptance, this annihilation is not possible. Not in the three worlds. He who slew the demons even before he could walk…he who fought against foremost warriors of all the worlds and returned victorious… my sinless Krishna… he is the only one who is capable of stopping all this but he chose not to.

He, just like every single human, witnessed everything without interfering. Such a kind and great soul on this earth, my son, glorious Krishna did not wish to fake the words of Gandhari so he allowed this to happen. He, who did everything to sustain dharma on this earth, chose not to protect his own kinsmen.

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Not even his beloved Rukmani was able to. Or even his cherished Balram was able to understand him. The days of crying without food and water has drained his energy. I clearly have no clue on what to do without Krishna. I will take the people to Indraprastha and as said by him, will make Vajra as the king.

Everyone assembled in the prodigious court hall of Dwaraka. Dwaraka is to be flooded in few days. So, I would like you all to get your chariots and carts ready for the departure, only with the wealth that you can carry. The officials and other men will join me in carrying out the final funeral rites of the departed souls. We leave on the seventh day, at sunrise. Get prepared. The citizens were not ready to leave Dwaraka, the women did not wish to live without their sons and husband.

The parents did not wish to leave their Dwaraka and home. The next day began with darkness in the lives of the Dwaraka people. King Vasudev has entered the spiritual world in his yogic stance. Arjuna, with heavy heart, arranged for the last rites of the King. Along with his body they carried his divine fire that he was worshiping all these days, which he got on the day of his Ashvameda Yaga.

Arjuna performed the funeral rites of King Vasudev. The 4 queens of King Vasudev ascended the funeral pyre of their Lord. Witnessing the wives ascending the pyre, the citizens and daughter-in-laws of the King wailed aloud in agony. The next day, Arjuna set out with the officials and other men to the place where the Vrishnis and other Yadavas lay deceased.

Everyone was struck with pain on witnessing the great souls lying lifeless. They carried the lifeless bodies of those great souls in their carts and chariots according to their superiority. Arjuna went in search of Krishna and Balram with Daruka. They both tried to grasp their breath on witnessing those two mighty and sinless heroes sitting lifeless in yogic stance. Holding his heart that might burst out of agony, Arjuna fell on the ground and wept out loud in front of Krishna.

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His cry echoed in the trees of the forest. Filled with grief, Daruka and Arjuna carried Krishna and Balram in a chariot. While they were returning to Dwaraka, cries and wails filled the streets. Every woman cried for their dead son, husband and father. The whole day in Dwaraka passed with the cries and laments of every woman in the city.

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The bodies were carried in chariots and carts as per their supremacy and funeral arrangements were prepared for every single warrior according to their seniority and tradition. Arjuna carried out the funeral rites for Balram, Krishna and his sons and grandsons. The citizens returned to the city which is now without its Lord. The city appeared like a dried lotus flower with only sounds of the ocean waves, reciting about the flood every time the waves touch the shores. The night was lonely and long for Arjuna. The palace that was once filled with delights and gleams of Krishna now appeared like a deserted cave that echoed the cries of women.

The whole city appeared lifeless. Every women and people in the city stayed inside their house. There were no lights lit on the streets or in the houses. The whole of Dwaraka seemed dejected. None spoke with anyone. None looked up at others. He spent his sleepless night, strolling in the corridors. With everyone leaving Dwaraka and the gates closed prohibiting the entry of others, without delay the ocean rushed her hands to engulf the entire city and its wealth.

The city that was left with standing structures and palaces, houses and assembly halls, temples and organizations were all consumed by the furiously approaching gigantic waves.

The same streets on which Krishna walked with Balram were washed away by the waters. From wall to wall, the whole city was consumed in no matter of time. The sounds of the rushing waves were so loud that it inserted fear in the hearts of the people who witnessed the submerging. Grieving for the annihilation of their city, the people started moving, abandoning Dwaraka forever. Led by Arjuna, the women and children marched slowly. They rested at timely intervals. After walking for a long time, Arjuna camped near a dense forest. The exhausted women, soldiers, old people and children rested and refreshed for some time.

Only Arjuna, Daruka, Vajra and few horsemen were awake while the rest all took a short nap. They prepared food from the fruits, grains, vegetables and animals they got from the forest. The dense forest was home for the raiders and marauders to rob and hide. Tempted at the beauty of the widows, they planned to plunder not only the wealth but also the women. Rest all seem tired. This is the right time to attack. The element of surprise will help us to loot more. Loot whatever and whoever you want to.

Armed with weapons, the raiders attacked the citizens of Dwaraka. Unaware of the sudden attack, the people ran in fear. The soldiers who were sleeping tried to grab their weapons before the thieves could attack.

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But, the raiders cautiously attacked the soldiers who were unarmed, before going towards the women. Arjuna who was on the other side of the camp, with Vajra and Daruka returned to the camp that was filled with screams and slaughter. I, the greatest archer the world has ever seen, will stab you all with my arrows within the blink of your eyes.

If you value your lives, run away. Embarrassed, Arjuna tried attacking the attackers using his arrows. His arms lost the power it had. The arrows were not forceful and his arrows failed to hit the target.