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I believe that we are at the start of the shift where we are more trusting of people than corporations or government. This new era of trust needs a measure, namely reputation capital.

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Ripe for disruption by this model are systems with waste, redundant intermediaries, complexity, limited access and broken trust. Conventions of how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired — in brands, leaders, and entire systems are being turned upside down. Technology is creating new mechanisms that are enabling us to trust unknown people, companies and ideas. But what exactly is the connection between seemingly different ideas such as social lending, peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing and ride sharing?

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Botsman takes audiences deep inside the ventures that are challenging the status quo — from Airbnb to Lyft; TaskRabbit to Transferwise — and identifies the five common drivers that make a sector ripe for change. She also demonstrates how large companies, including BMW, Marriott, GM and DHL, are starting to respond to profound shifts in attitudes toward trust, assets and ownership. Botsman leaves audiences inspired by the scale and speed of growth in the collaborative economy, and also provides clear insights on how organizations can respond to some of the most revolutionary changes we have seen in business and society in centuries.

Letter for Employer. There is power in the unique story God is writing for you. I hope you will embrace the dark and bright chapters. He is redeeming us in each chapter. The more we open up and let others see our chapters, the more we see how God is redeeming the world.

There is Power in Sharing Your Story

Write it out. You never know how God could use your story to stir the heart of someone else—and draw them to himself.

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Education and a first-grade teacher at heart. When not busy serving in her community as a substitute teacher in the public schools or parenting her four fun children Ezra 10 , Asher 8 , Caleb 7 , and Lydia Jane 5 , Rachel enjoys reading, dark roast coffee, trail running, traveling, date nights, and blogging. She and her family are members of North Cincinnati Community Church in Mason, Ohio where her husband serves as lead pastor. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms - Rachel Botsman

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Rachel Botsman State of the Sharing Economy

Notify me of new posts via email. Before He gives strength, we must be made to feel our weakness.

Slow, painfully slow, are we to learn this lesson; and slower still to own our nothingness and take the place of helplessness before the Mighty One. January 14, January 14, Your unique story contains the power of the gospel.