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Title: Flow my tears fall from your springs Composer: John Dowland. Language: English.


Instruments: Lute. English text. Flow, my tears, fall from your springs! Exiled for ever, let me mourn; Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings, There let me live forlorn. Down vain lights, shine you no more! No nights are dark enough for those That in despair their lost fortunes deplore.

Light doth but shame disclose. Never may my woes be relieved, Since pity is fled; And tears and sighs and groans my weary days Of all joys have deprived. From the highest spire of contentment My fortune is thrown; And fear and grief and pain for my deserts Are my hopes, since hope is gone. Catalan translation. No hi ha nit prou fosca per a aquells que desesperadament les seves fortunes perdudes deploren.

El dinero falsificado es simplemente un medio de cambio diluido. Piense en el viejo adagio de aguar la sopa cuando los invitados no invitados se presentan a cenar. Eventualmente, los empresarios se dan cuenta de que esa demanda a largo plazo no existe realmente. Han perdido tiempo y capital, ninguno de los cuales puede ser recuperado. Los negocios pierden dinero; los propietarios pueden incluso declararse en bancarrota.

Los precios de las acciones colapsan. Los bancos pueden quebrar. Es inevitable e inevitable. Desafortunadamente, todos pagaremos el precio. Esto es cierto con o sin acuerdos de libre comercio o con la existencia de un Esto es cierto con o sin acuerdos de libre comercio o con la existencia de un comercio "justo". En " The Role of Trade in Ending Poverty " , el Banco Mundial estima que entre y el porcentaje mundial de personas que viven en la pobreza extrema se redujo a la mitad.

Los salarios reales de los empleos poco cualificados han aumentado con el crecimiento del PIB en todo el mundo. Sin embargo, las propuestas del Dr. Algunas partes de la propuesta del Dr. De hecho, el Dr. Todo esto contradice lo que el Dr. Con demasiada frecuencia, la defensa producida por el Estado es discutida como un ideal — una fuerza que protege a las personas y sus derechos. Rara vez la realidad entra en escena. Muchos no lo hicieron. Sin embargo, la realidad de pelear las propias batallas implicaba costos significativos.

El comercio con los indios, especialmente el comercio de pieles, era rentable. Tampoco necesitaban ahora arriesgar su propia vida. Los hombres de frontera pueden ahora pedir a las tropas subvencionadas que luchen por ellos. Esto tuvo el efecto de reducir el umbral para cuando los colonos pudieran justificar el recurso a la violencia contra sus vecinos indios.

Republicado de Antiwar. A largo plazo, no puede existir un sistema de gobierno impopular. La diferencia entre democracia y despotismo no afecta al resultado final. Robert Murphy:. Josep Palau i Fabre is one of the most popular poets in the Catalan language. This album is a portrait of the two or three darkest years of my short life on Earth; two or three years marked by the untimely death of my mother great artist and better person and all this meant for me and my people.

There I had to face a frightening and unknown enemy: the jazz. That image seemed so melancholic suited very well as a starting point to create a poetic context where to expose my usually hermetic feelings. There must be added an umbrella hovering, a mystery murder, a lot of police, and a fancy bar where my alter ego refuges of what he had been involved. In the new album, brief and intense, I talk about issues like loss, loneliness, artistic creation or the fear of getting older.

To do this, I use of inspiring images of pictures of my mother and curious characters such as the selling of stories woman, the man in black, or the owner of the sidecar, which appear in the imaginary bar and interact with the protagonist or simply shows his charismatic personality. Have all those characters some connection with the murder in the street?

The renowned poet is going to be reunited with his idyllic love? In CD. It has already become a classic of our winters to give vibes. Just taking a look at this magnificent cover we sense that the content will be most danceable and with the aim to make known pop music that was done in Catalonia in the late 60s and early 70s.

Season started with interesting news. From Picap, and in an effort to raise awareness of the best artists of Catalonia, we have been working hard for you to make you enjoy new music in this new season. Music without artifice made with honesty and a variety that permeates every note, lyrics and melodies to sing again and again and reinterpret them in every listen.

The next day September 18, will be available in all legal music digital platforms iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, An album with simple songs that are going to talk about feelings, thoughts and relationships between human beings. Under the artistic production of Blind Records Studio, they have managed to squeeze the best Roger Margarit can give. The first Catalan fanfare with Catalan Cobla sound. Biflats propose party and fanfare, fun is ensured. Thrilling rhythms with the power of the catalan cobla sounding.

Biflats are a cobla that breaks molds: a fun cobla. Own songs that describe their particular humoristic-rural imaginary, and also cover classic Catalan popular culture songs. Biflats is formed by high quality musicians, musicians with a long artistic background, who have recorded or been part of important bands such as Sau, Els Pets, Muchachito Bombo inferno, orchestras and coblas such as La Principal de la Bisbal, Costa Brava International Orchestra, Cobla La Flama de Farners, or in companies like Dagoll Dagom or Els Comediants. Picap is happy to announce that we are the only Catalan record label who has 2 albums in the prestigious list World Music Charts Europe.

Bea Garcia has been for two consecutive month in the list and rising position. She began in thw out of and now she is in the Once a month specialists in World Music of 24 European countries select their TOP10 and this finally appears on the list. This is a great opportinuty for our World Music artists to be known and broadcasted in different european countries such as Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Austria, Picap started this 31st year of its history with all the strength and enthusiasm, full of new releases from well known artists and many, many bets for promising new artists, convinced that more than one artist will be a hit.

As always, following the editorial line of Picap, we seek a balance between artistic maturity and promising newcomers working with all the musical genres and all the different public. We will release a new album by the brilliant jazzman Xavier Dotras Trio, an album with 10 new songs between jazz and classical with all the strength with which we are accustomed.

The eagerly awaited second album of successful Blaumut will be one of the most important news releases of the season. Season in which we will also enjoy a new album from the band of sailor and tavern song sea chants , Port Bo, that will release a new album with the debut in the formation of Pep Nadal.

The hardest rock will also be in luck with the new album by Leyenda. Roger Margarit has gained significant success with his first album, especially in the digital market, prepares the second album of his career, with new highly crafted songs that mark an important evolution in his career. There is also a very important new artist from Valencia, Mara Aranda, one of the most prestigious world music singers preparing what will probably be the best album of her career. Chapter apart deserves this release of the second volume of "Joies Robades" by Joan Isaac with luxury collaborations.

This is a little review among the productions that surely will be released this , but there are many others that are baking in the oven, they are with the composition or production and probably also be released throughout this year that promises to be a year of musical excellence with a lot of quality. With texts by writer and poet Miquel Desclot for new songs.

An album to let children know the Catalan history in a fun and entertaining way, with high quality album. Rafa Valls decided to put the knowledge and experience to his music and in he began working on what is the most ambitious project of his career. Rafa Valls releases his debut album "Alta Fidelitat", thirteen pop-folk style songs that make a trip between music and the most primal emotions. Based on the knowledge and experience, Valls said he wants to retrieve and merge styles and harmonies from U. According to the artist from Terrassa, Alta Fidelitat is an album filled with songs that sound old and new at once.

A song about the doubts generated by sharing life with another person. Small stories that make us great and Rafa tells us in pop-folk key, in a seesaw of intensities and rhythms.

CD format:. Foix Catalan poet wrote "Four Christmas and one New Year", Carles Carol has named his solo album under the name of four winters " 4hiverns ". The coldest season of the year marks the climate of an intimate and secluded album, that is going well to listen sheltered indoors, near the stove or fireplace with a coffee in hand.

Carles begins a new phase, after two albums as a composer and guitarist of First Aid Kit and some touring as a musician of Erm. The novelty is that now Carles also sings, and as you can listen he sings very good. Another surprise, more concerning is the slight shift of register. From electronic pop of his former band turn to a more organic one, where the keyboards and bases are better balanced with the Carles guitars, now often in acoustic.

Quantum story. Here you are 4hiverns that will help you pass that cold moments, and face an uncertain future that awaits us with strength and courage, expecting more to come. You can find the album at our distribution company searching for " hiverns ". With the purchase of the EDIGSA's back catalogue by Picap, we found this unpublished recording which together with the Salvador Espriu recordings has helped to produce this album.

An true artistic gem and an unpublished document of great cultural value. This is the second time nomination for Septeto Santiaguero; which had been nominated in with the album "Oye mi son santiaguero", in the same category. Fernando Dewar, Septeto Santiaguero director, stated after knowing the nomination: "The importance of this nomination its already an award and we want to dedicate it to the master Cheo Feliciano.

Our best wishes for Cheo and for a quick recovery". Cuba and its precedents represents a basis which came of the development of music in America and Caribe. Being invited by Santiago de Cuba to take part of its sons work, its something that honours me". Thanks a lot to all people for this opportunity". Septeto Santiaguero has already recorded six albums. The most recent, "Vamos pa' la fiesta" Picap, was awarded with the Cubadisco Award in traditional and popular music and selected by About.

The previous album, "Oye mi son santiaguero" Picap, , was awarded in Cubadisco Awards and the same year was nominated to the Latin Grammy in traditional tropical music. The director of the Septeto Santiaguero said that "the Cubadisco award is the best thing that ever happened to "Vamos pa' la fiesta". This award coincides almost with the release of the new music video for the album, which we'll release in a few days "Que le den candela", a version of a picaresque song popularized by Los Van Van on ' Let's say it clearly, it is a waited return.

Though the break has been an extended one, listening to the CD evidence a enriching waiting, creative, attentive to what happens on the "song" and in the world. As always, not quite the same nor completely another. And the pleasure is noticed: in the communicative power, in the deployment of expertise and passion, in the desire of originality accumulated in the recent years. It appears so, despite a diversity of subjects and forms, both in lyrics and music, a sense of unity that captures the listener.

Arrangements are designed as a tool of expression for a vocal and instrumental band, but also as a communication tool in the service of each song. Time is in a change. Download the complete info of the album here spa. As is tradition in the career of the best singers and crooners, the voice of Maria del Mar Bonet curls for the first time between the intimate and close to the historic Jamboree to interpret the particular repertoire of jazz and barbecued Mediterranean. During his more than forty years in the Majorcan singer has performed in squares, amphitheatres, palaces and more diverse audiences around the world, but never before had done in a jazz club as the Jamboree, with more than fifty year history.

No space more appropriate than the concourse of the Plaza Real, which have provided many magical nights jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon, Stephane Grappelli, Elvin Jones and pianist Tete Montoliu, among many others, welcomed the proposal offers a duo with pianist Manel Camp. A unique opportunity to revel in the maturity achieved by the combination Bonet Field in constant progression since the release of the album "Close" in , combining authors own issues with songs that evoke other composers and performers such as Cole Porter, Toti Soler, Joan Manuel Serrat, The Rolling Stones, Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday.

An opportunity not to be missed and to feel closer than ever charm and depth of the soul of the blues. More than a concert, a privilege. The last and most emotive concert of the tour of "Vincent" was held at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Beneath the motto "Visual Jazz", The Rome festival this time has decided to choose a relationship between jazz and the world of images. Therefore interest is shown in this interdisciplinary spectacle which combines the interpretation of pieces inspired in "the letters of Theo", Vincent Van Gogh and images related with the life and work of the Dutch painter.

The Xavier Dotras trio has to date edited four recorded works. The style of the band is very personal and from the beginning of this formation their music has been influenced by classical, bossa nova, and without forgetting traditional Catalan and Mediterranean music. The formation of the band, Cesar Martinez-drums, and Toni Pujol-double bass,has been together since the original formation of the trio ion the year As The Xavier Dotras trio is at present immersed in the tour of their last recording "Preludes" Picap, The concert in Rome should be exceptional.

More information about Roma Jazz Festival: www. This is the first occasion on which several of these historical figures of the salsa movement come together to participate in a production with Cuban musicians on the island. The mastering was done in the By his unmistakable way of singing and his alter ego "Medoro Madera".

This is an album that Septeto Santiaguero want to thank their historical counterpart of salsa movement "for everything they have done for the preservation of the Son and Bolero" said Septeto Santiaguero director and producer, Fernando Dewar.

Inuyasha capítol 69 - El terror de l'home sense cara

This new album is released by Picap record label, like the previous album "Oye mi son santiaguero", which was awarded in Cubadisco and nomenee in Latin Grammy After the successful debut with the first studio album " Animalia ", the Catalan band Wantun have stepped over a releasing the second album consolidating the band in the Catalonia music scene. Maturity, creativity, inspiration, talent and surprises A very mature album, and deeply inspired where the band from Blanes Costa Brava, Catalonia make clear that their career is not limited to a pair of singles.

Opening the album " In Aether " takes us into the ether, the fifth element according to classical physics. We progressively away from the other four tangible elements water, air, fire and earth with which we struggle daily to isolate ourselves in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness, which the album moves around to finish with " Out Aether ". From here the audience will find stories of anonymity, loneliness, despair, hope, breaks, love, impossible love, and even the reversal of the end of the movie " Before Sunset " July Delpy and Ethan Hawke.

Feelings and emotions tailored for Wantun unique sound. Wantun sound has evolutioned in this release. Careful and risky industrial electronics, unusually fast tempos, songs that you can not take it off from head, songs without repeated melodic lines and deliverated repeats that force to do more than one listening to glimpse all the elements introduced. Wantun has strained a little more the rope.

All have been revisited by the new premises that created the band for the new album. Ile name comes from the island in French translation. The relationship can probably guess it to listen to each of the songs that give this album. Song after song Ile help you escape the conventional and predictable, opening up the doors to paradise with own imaginary sound. Ile is the island we all want to find in the sea of music sounds. A concept without barriers or labels, without fear or prejudice, where all ideas work.

What one gets of Ile are unique experiences that often continues to find places where you had not noticed before. During , Ile records his first album, which consists of 12 tracks full of strength and amazing sound where they show the essence of the band: love for music, style and good taste. Illes de la mar Islands of the Sea is the name of the new show by Maria del Mar Bonet , where cover versions and songs from her previous recognized album , Bellver , with an accompaniment of luxury : the Jorge Reyes Sexteto de Cuba and the Chamber Orchestra of Vila -seca directed to the occasion by the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba , Enrique Perez -Mesa.

Maria del Mar Bonet "Bellver". The Majorcan singer Maria del Mar Bonet was presented in Havana with a great reception from the audience who came to discover and enjoy one of the most important exponents of the Mediterranean and singer-songwriter voices.

See a Problem?

It was a unique concert , organized by the Cuban Institute of Music, in order to have obtained at last year 's International Festival Cubadisco the International Award for the album " Bellver" released with Picap , and the Festival of Singer-songwriter Barnasants. More info spanish at: Noticiasclave. Bellver in phisical format at our distribution company website Actual Records; searching bellver. It has been three years of quiet writing of full of real and metaphorical back and forth , to approximate sensitivities , write and rewrite, to hear and accept each other.

An album full of spots to listen to , discover and read quietly and slowly. They have done from a close contact with the poet and his usual taste for Mediterranean colors and textures of songwriting. Vestigis was recorded in the study of Jordi Batiste, musician and singer who has lent his voice in the song " Sentinella". Maria del Mar Bonet , one of the great voices of Mediterranean, accompanied in these three concerts by some of the soloist musicians of reference in Cuba under the direction of renowned bassist Jorge Reyes.

A surprising and unprecedented opportunity to hear how the best of Cuba , grown near the Caribbean Sea , play with the singer songs born in the Mediterranean. Directed by Mr. Bellver in phisical format to our distribution company Actual Records; searching for bellver. I dare say that this is the double-compilation release of the year, not only for fans of the genre increasingly numerous , of course or for those wishing to start in psychedelia and prog -rock but for any fan of quality music.

A perfectly tracked route on the map of creative explosion that drew Barcelona those wonderful late sixties, a fantastic job of collecting and organizing music with a unique raw material. Article in the Mondo Sonoro website.

bucarest la memria perduda catalan edition Manual

More information about the album to the distribution company Actual Records website, searching "barcelona progressiva". Barcelona Progressiva on Spotify. Download the compilation Barcelona Progressiva on iTunes. When I met him -being still almost a teenager- I already noticed an intellectual and emotional maturity rare to find in most of the boys of his age. On the other hand, is not sung today as 50 years ago. Not even as two decades ago. At that time, when I met him, with less than twenty years old, Corbacho was a present with a lot of future that, however, sounded already to a memory.

In a different memory, a remodeled past, studied, processed, assumed and expressed with the freshness of an artist who preserves and promotes the fertile part of people's own ingenuity traversed by the light of intelligence. The time has strengthened its way to become involved with flamenco, so that today more than memory, we should speak of conscience.

Has sprouted almost lwithout saying the word "intelligence". It is not a fantasy. On the one hand, a primary brain inhabited by reactions such as anger, fear, etc.. A second is the emotional brain, where settle feelings like melancholy or nostalgia, for example. And finally, an intellectual brain: the gray substance to the service of anticipation and, therefore, creativity. Close parenthesis. Well there have been many flamenco artists -some of them very important, it must be said- who have settled mainly in the emotional world. This allows that the projection of its sensitivity does not overwhelm, but incorporates into our spirit subtly through the pores of the epidermis.

Not as memory but as consciousness. Is not it amazing? On iTunes you can now make album pre-orders and listen minutes of this young flamenco genius. We are really happy to know that Septeto Santiaguero with the album "Oye mi son santiaguero" Picap, is officially nomeene in the Latin Grammy Awards in the category of "Best Traditional Tropical Album". Septeto Santiaguero nomination in Latin Grammy Awards Raimon - Rellotge d'Emocions on iTunes with digital booklet.

Download the album Xavier Dotras Trio - Vincent. This concert will end an international tour of their latest recording with a homage performance to the artist who has inspired the most praised album recorded by the band. The concert will be held coinciding with a commemoration of the st anniversary of the death of the painter. The work of the band brings out influences that spring from classical to bossa-nova, traditional Catalan music, on to Latin, Boleros and flamenco jazz. This particular elegant and sober style of their music has, in a very short time, won the unanimous acclaim of the critics and the jazz public.

Over the years, Dotras has followed the tracks of the painter from Amsterdam to Paris, Auvers sur Oise, Arles and down to the provinces, the result of the task undertaken is music which transmits great sensitivity coming from the pictures of the artist, the persons related to his life and the places where he lived. Furthermore, the concert will represent an acknowledgment to all those creators who have contributed to define the character of the music of Xavier Dotras, from Bill Evans through to Antonio Carlos Jobin, Chopin, the films of Felini, and so on. The musicians, at the moment are immersed in rehearsals for a following recording of a new CD which will hopefully be released at the end of this year.

Following the same creative course of previous works, the music of the new album has been inspired by classical composers from Bach to Chopin yet never leaves behind the essence of his most inspired influences like the North American pianist Bill Evans and the Italian Enrico Pieranunzi. To the free and spontaneous style that give character to the compositions of the band, here now include new rhythmic and harmonic elements creating original pieces and bring out the elegant personality of the trio.

La barbera. Si no fos massa demanar—. Mentre ella em feia la barba. The Dance of the Spring according Maria del Mar Bonet: My poem is a tribute to the efforts of Mother Earth, to the explosion of colours and life that nature calls us to mirror. La Dansa de la Primavera. This marks the 25 anniversary of the death of musician and composer Esteve Fortuny. A call to gratitude, not grief. This stop will be useful to reflect on what the band wants to do, but also to look back, see all past journeys and recalculate the route.

Program introduction text:"In began to take shape in Barcelona a new musical movement based on that days Progressive Rock. The hashtag of the moment was underground. The compilatons documents the years , the beginnings of what later was called Ona Laietana movement. The second part of the program will be broadcast on Wednesday 20th April. You can find the album at the distribution company Actual Records. The Cuban Institute of Music with the Standing Committee of the cubadisco International Fair held every year this international event, the most important of the cuban music industry.

Download on iTunes Desig by Hewel.


Hewel - Desig. As an anecdote, when saying goodbye, Leo Messi said he was excited to have his first music album in Catalan. In CD format at www. It was in when Raimon published his latest album with unreleased songs and in the last time he published a new song recorded in a studio with the Nova Integral that shortly will be retired from the market. Throughout the last decade Raimon has released several albums recorded live, the most important the one receorded in Olympia in Paris where there was some new songs. But it will be finally in when we will enjoy a new album, new songs recorded in the studio.

An album which will be the most important in the Raimon career, a review of his life, full of emotions and sensations with vitality, claim, tenderness and force. On January 15th Raimon will play in Eliana, next to Valencia, with the new album songs. On February 6th we will listen some of the new songs on TVC, channel Where some new songs were introduced. Since February we will be able to enjoy these new songs recorded in the new album, one of the most important albums in We are glad to announce that this week Raimon has signed a new contract with Picap for a new album.

This will be for a new album at the beginning , all with his own songs, never published till now ; some of the songs has been already played in concert, but never recorded in a CD. Septeto Santiaguero - Oye mi son santiaguero. When it comes to Cuban son , you should look at Santiago de Cuba. And if you are seeking for the most balanced model, which combines experience and youth, respect for tradition, but investing in sound innovation and quality self compositions, the brightest band that currently has septet format and is based in Santiago. That is, the Septeto Santiaguero.

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Neither too young nor too old, this band is the finest example of Cuban son for the new millennium. The message is on the air: "Oye mi son santiaguero". Septeto Santiaguero says. Word of hot land. Septeto Santiaguero "Oye mi son santiaguero". Physical format in Picap's website: www. August is at the end and as each year is the moment the focus on the new season.

September is somehow the first month of the year, it is for school, usually by politicians and the cultural industry. It is for all these reasons that during summertime Picap have been working a lot, considering the offer of the new season, which we'll talk a little. It also will be available in electronic download with the option of buying the whole album with the study on iTunes.

Maravella, Ramon Muntaner Dharma, etc…. A real jewel to be heard and to have it in your hands. Whilst organising the whole Als 4 Vents back catalogue, we found a record labelled Rock on the Rocks. There was no information on the musicians with it, and no credits; nobody even really knew what period it was from. He had been asked to make a record of rock classics sung in Spanish as there was nothing similar on the market. The circumstances of those times meant that, like other records made by Als 4 Vents, it went onto the market without any type of credits.

After over 30 years, different reasons have led us to re-edit this record, in particular the considerable historical interest. She subsequently carried out two more symphony concerts at the Palau, also with the OSV. A year after the premiere, Maria del Mar Bonet gave this symphonic concert with one of the best orchestras in the world: the Millennium Park Orchestra of Chicago, conducted by Carlos Kalmar, at Millennium Park before over 12, spectators.

Maria del Mar Bonet takes another step forward in her career, offering her most emblematic repertoire in symphonic format for the first time. The concert is a voyage across the most significant songs from the Mediterranean area that form the personal, musical universe of Maria del Mar Bonet , songs that she has collected or revised, as well as her own creations over the course of her 40 years of profession. These include Greek, Turkish, Sardinian, Italian, Catalan and, naturally, Mallorcan songs; jotes and her own, highly-esteemed songs also form part of this unique repertoire for symphony that she herself has selected.

The name of Wantun comes from the prehistory of the band, when the original members were university students often ate at the Chinese restaurant and one of the dishes was the fried "wantun" Of the original members, continue in the band brothers Francesc and Ricard Borrell after passing through various formations, in began to create new songs and recording in February of that year in the same studio as Sidonie Blind Records an EP called "modernitat" produced by Blind Joes During , ending the creation of new songs, there is a small change in the band with a new singer Toni Sanchez and a new guitarist Aleix Iglesias.

At year end, signed with the Record Label Picap. The album design has been done by Lyona Marta Puig and also the music video for the single " ANIMAL " which talks about uniqueness, not wanting to be a clone, wanting to live life with intensity. In there were singers in Catalan, but very different styles and that's why Serrahima article appealed to new songs and had a very clear look at the French song, which was impacting through Europe.

What has meant and still means the singer-songwriters songs from a minority language in an international expansion, has been the most important export of language and culture who have lived Catalan-speaking countries. Our singers gave a breath of hope to generations of dictatorship, opened the sleeping mind of many Catalan people, made known our poets, and were instrumental in the road to democracy. Fortunately, in the Catalan-speaking countries continue emerging very talented songwriters and many things to say and that's why Picap with the collaboration of the journalist Joaquim Vilarnau, we have selected 50 songs to do a review of what has meaning this movement.

A triple album at a very affordable price to give a good look at the musical history of the last fifty years. Download the Compilation on iTunes. Buy the Compilation at Actual Records. The combination of great voice of Maria del Mar with the interpretive sensitivity to the piano by Manel Camp was so successful that they have not ceased to act together over twenty years, always looking site on the agendas of the two artists to make this possible and roll down all the scenarios of the country and many from outside Catalonia.

Twenty years have passed, and the voice of Maria del Mar has become more technical and she is in an enviable fullness, Manel has become a reference piano player not only in Catalan music scene, but a true reference of jazz and contemporary music played into the Catalan Countries for abroad.

To celebrate this twentieth anniversary, Manel and Maria del Mar have rejoined their instruments, sensibilities and exquisite taste have played onto the stage of Luz de Gas for two days to do a review of the songs that remain to them as well voice and piano with jazzy tones such as JIM, derives from the pop themes, songs such as Pau Riba "Es fa llarg esperar", hit songs of the artist that take another dimension to voice and piano, including "Que volen aquesta gent?

There you will be able to watch, create and share Picap 's video playlists. Embed player to Facebook, Myspace, The wonderful voice of Maria del Mar Bonet , nude in front of the piano of Manel Camp , always so personal and accurate, became an authentic beauty. The voice and piano show named " Ben a prop " has rolled through the world and with great success.

Only five years ago, on the twentieth anniversary of Picap , they played the show to celebrate the anniversary of our company, performances that were recorded on the album and DVD of the anniversary. Now that 20 years have passed of that approach, Manel and Maria del Mar even want to get closer, more and more Both have their own career with their bands, but they know that when they get closer, magic appear in an exceptional way, all art, all tenderness, emotion at the highest level.

Maria del Mar Bonet and Manel Camp celebrate the twentieth anniversary of " Ben a prop " with new repertoire in two concerts at the Club Luz de Gas in Barcelona, the next 18 and 19 December at pm. The state government through the proposed " Draft Law on Sustainable Economy " has pushed the tab for intellectual property rights , but again and as he usually does this government, nobody can take seriously none of their proposals, they are weak and politically vulnerable as never seen before. For the reasonable proposal of the Minister has lasted 24 hours, the time invested for hackers to put fear in the body of the President Zapatero.

The proposal of the Minister of Culture, but is exceeded in the EU with countries like France or Great Britain , is quite good and consistent, but how could it be otherwise, criminals have turned a bitter debate full of falsehoods on the Internet and by the media complicit in the crime and also with the explicit support of the main opposition party. The Draft law of the Minister is about to close the internet portals that violate the intellectual property , nothing else Steal is synonymous with freedom of expression?

We would like the society could understand that when someone is downloading a movie, a book, an album, a song, etc.. The authors are not very well regarded because they belong to a centuries-old society that has often acted with arrogance and that has alienated much of the population, but we must remember that is only one managing entity and that Authors should defend the impact of their work. The performers are the ones best regarded, for obvious reasons, but often people forget that their interpretations also have rights that must be kept.

And producers also suffer a bad image , in our view, due to a long and deadly policy of arrogance and macroeconomics interests of multinationals in the sector. But beyond that there is an indie industry, small and medium with other criteria, we must consider that without the figure of the producer and the talent of the author or the performer does not get anywhere.