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Please, log in or register. American Quilter's Society. Relax, unwind, and make time in your busy day for a little reflection with beloved quilt designer Kim Diehl at your side. Kim's gathered photographs of favorite quilts and more to share with you in this dazzling journal, packed with visual inspiration to enjoy year-round.

Among gorgeous photos of Kim's work, you'll find plenty of space to jot notes, write memorable events, and record inspiration wherever it may strike. Kim's included seasonal recipes too! You'll love bringing the beauty of Kim's quilts with you wherever you go--a handy take-along size makes it easy to do. Patterns not included. QTY: Add to Cart. SKU Weight 0. I'm a tad younger than you and intend to sew for decades to come. I don't listen to Stash Naysayers either. Quilt on girl, quilt on!!!!

Reminder, Nayyirah Waheed

When I was first began quilting I liked so many fabrics that I continually bought fat quarters. But everyone local teachers stressed matchy-matchy. So mainly I played in my fat quarters and dreamed. I was always drawn to scrap quilts. Bought a lot of vintage quilt tops.

Then I was introduced to your blog. And boy have my horizons exploded! I too have a big stash but shop in my sewing room now! Way to go Bonnie. I have been telling the girls in my guild that your stash is your tool, a very good tool and you don't get rid of it just because someone else thinks you have too much stash! Thank you Bonnie. Janice Park. My stash is my happy place! I still love to pet them reminisce about when I bought them!

Conversations with my friends about my stash results!

Property Styling

The quilt Police phantoms can police themselves! I am one happy camper with my stash Darling Daughter and Great Granddaughter check my stash before going to the quilt shop and usually find most of what they need I am not a fan of blue Lately due to 'On Ringo Lake' Aqua seems to call to me Don't have to convince me.

I am on board with you.

  1. Il Tesoro dei Ventimiglia: 9 (Vento della Storia) (Italian Edition).
  2. Knock.
  3. Ruby Murrays Musings: Bust those Scraps - Leather Hair Doodads;
  4. Simple Reflections - A Journal for Memories and Musings?

My husband never told me no or you have too much. I miss his supportive love. My son is ok with it also. My outer circle of family or friends don't get it. Oh well. Lucky me - I have learned so much from you. I truly enjoy my quilting times. My comfort in a crazy world. I too started early to establish a stash, so that when I retired I could still sew and quilt without it being too expensive on a limited income.

I'm enjoying that luxury now! If the offspring even dare to lift an eyebrow, I'll laugh and tell them it's their inheritance. It is the resource for my craft, and I need an abundant well from which to draw when I create. Also, congrats on making the " People You Should Know" list. I'm glad I know you. Who knows, you could be 1! I have discovered the charity run fabric and yarn shops to which people cleaning out their elderly relatives houses, donate their stash.

New quilters don't have to pay top dollar even from shops and on line. Most of my stash was deeply on sale and price has always been a big factor in making my selections. Don't overlook the "flat folds " in stores run by the Mennonite community. I don't need to be an "unknown". I just didn't know how to add my name to the last comment. I'm signed up for classes in Louisville in July and can't wait to meet both you and Irene!

July Quilt Inspiration

I have never seen Mountain Laurel before. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Where Bloggers Create 2015

I would love to see that entire list of the people we should know in the quilting word. There was no doubt in my mind that you would be included in that list! That's my favorite color, and I love seeing how different that pattern looks w aqua than with the original red.

Muses and Musings, Episode 1: Camaraderie versus Competition

Really interested to see what you do with those. It's all about being mindful about what you buy, knowing your own preferences and needs and working style, and buying what will work for you. I went through a complete purge 7 years ago, and I hope to never go through that again.

So the regret is eased by knowing the fabric was well used by others.

Introducing Sustainability to ChildrenIdeas and Inspiration! - The Empowered Educator

That being said I have been rebuilding my stash, yet keeping it contained to one room lol. One of my goals for this year is to better organized my scraps via your Scrap User System because scrappy quilts are my absolute favorite quilts to make, gift, or have for my very own. Irene's quilt looks gorgeous hanging over the rail. We are not ones to go out a lot, we don't spend excessively, drive new cars every couple of years I don't collect figurines or wall plates. I collect fabric! Not so much now as in the beginning; now I've learned your scrappy style and not much else calls to me!

These days, I'm most likely to look for fun neutrals, and half yard cuts are my norm. Big chunks from my past are fine in backings, and what gets used gets used. I'll not worry over having and enjoying what I love. Love today's blog! I was gifted 8 large boxes of fabric from a friend who no longer is able to use it. One of the boxes is sport team fabrics Scrap quilts! Thank you for your inspiration. I will never reduce my fabric Love it too! Irene's Ta Da is Great! My Stash was enhanced again just yesterday. Our Church had a fabric table at our Monthly meeting to peruse also.

A few came home, one was a fun Neutral. I agree I love my stash and all the scrapiness you help me create. Thanks for all your inspiration!! Phooey to the anti-stashers. It's none of their business. I love my stash. Someone recently told me being sarky that my sewing room looks like a craft shop. I just smiled and said thank you! I'm having a blast cutting up my scraps. Organizing them using your scrap users system and making minature quilts. We know you're 1, More followers than all of those ladies No doubt about it! I was lucky early on in my quilting madness to belong to a quild that had a lot of scrap quilters.

One of them was Pepper Cory. She advised to build a collection and to add to because the color palette changes from year to year and this would give you a wider range of colors. I found Marie Kondo's principles to be more about how to work out what you really want to keep and how to manage it in a way that you control. I recently had a really nice time 'Kondoing' my crumbs drawer!

I really want to do things with crumbs but I don't have time at the moment but I do have a friend who is working on a crumb project, so I got stuck into my crumb drawer. I pulled out each piece and thought about where I used it and if I wanted to keep it. If I didn't, I appreciated it it's journey and passed it on.

It turned out to be an extremely positive exercise. I gave away a couple of shopping bags of crumbs and kept a small pile that I really wanted. My friend was very happy with the contribution. I then went on to do the rest of my sewing room. I got rid of things that I had held on to since I first started quilting, not because I liked them but because I felt I should.

If it didn't bring me 'joy' out it went. I boxed up projects and sorted fabric and now I sometimes go into my room and enjoy the fact that I can just lay my hands on whatever project I want. I have also started sorting my scraps and cutting for projects and in the process my crumb drawer is growing again! I do have a friend that buys fabric and then is reluctant to use it and I feel this is not the purpose of a stash.

I love using your scrap users system and I feel that it has liberated me in how I can use my stash, thereby making what I already have much more useful. Sometimes critical comments serve to help us define what is really important to us but in the end we are responible to ourselves for how we manage our lives, not to others.

Quilt on Bonnie! Bonnie, thank you for your comments about a large stash. Do I have such?? You bet! I filled, sincerely to the top, my Suburban! What they see Is what we show them By what we point out What we comment on What we move toward. I know you are confused I recognize how challenging Life may seem I am here If you need to talk. The tears got bigger The weight of her despair grew I took a deep breath Looked down at the pool of tea Sitting on the floor of my car.

What if your fear To speak from your heart To tell her the truth Is creating the very thing You fear the most. Second grade was coming He knew the teacher he wanted He spoke about it all summer long As if putting out a prayer For what he wanted for himself. As there are silent longings From those moments lost From those needs unmet Which determine More then we know. As I noticed I was no longer with the young girl Who would hold on to the side of the cart With a lollipop Dangling from her lips read more. Do we even think about What we are saying Or is it just so common To complain To compare read more.

What they see Is what we show them By what we point out What we comment on What we move toward read more. I know you are confused I recognize how challenging Life may seem I am here If you need to talk read more. The tears got bigger The weight of her despair grew I took a deep breath Looked down at the pool of tea Sitting on the floor of my car read more.