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I want to ask some thing my boyfriend have lot of fears like he is uneasy showing his love in public places he thinks every one is judging him and he just never had sex and he is scared of it no matter how much we try he get scared and could not be able to do it i want to help me get out of it n when he can not do it he gets angry n get fustrated he thinks bad of himself i love him alot but when we are in the places we can not do it n and he is relaxed enough n in mood then i feel he can because i felt him so can you help me and tell me ways that i can take him out of this fear that he is living in.

I m in a strange situation. I am with a man who loves me and loves our baby daughter but he is brutally honest about everything and it hurts me sometimes and if I tell him it hurts me, he withdraws his love and calls me complicated and elaborate and threatens a breakup. When we first got together we were passionately in love, so I misread this for commitment.

He lived in France and me in Ireland. Then he came to stay with me for two months for an internship so I read this as serious.

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He was. He was very clear about not wanting the baby but he stayed with me out of duty and has been in a state of anxiety depression and detachment ever since. Sometimes he relaxes enough to realise he is happy and has freedom and empowerment but so often he focuses on viewignour life together as a big sacrifice. And I feel terrified and alone. My partner and I have been off and on for 10months now.

She has a hard time expressing emotions, but when she does you can almost see the relief on her face. It gives me joy when I know I have given her a space where she feels safe to do so. She lashes out and gets angry really fast. Things were getting to be great again once we got back together, but almost like clock work, her ex texts every 3 months-ish and boom we r back to this spot of whether or not she cares about me or is comfortable.

I love her! We get back on track and then as our relationship gets more serious We were moving in together , she pulls away. The ex texted her while I was out of town. When she and I spoke I could tell something was up. I asked flat out and she told me. I knew it. But maybe I should have been patient and waited for her to tell me. Instead I felt hurt like she was hiding it from me. I stayed calm but was up front about my feelings and accused her of hurting me.

I need help there.

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I also need help with what to do now. She says it has nothing to do with her ex. She hid her phone after deleting their messages. That sucked. Then after she took a shower when we were hanging out and talked some. She gave me hope when she showed me a new text from her ex. The ex described how she wanted my gf, by expressing the attributes and attitudes she wanted from her as a partner.

I love you. She let me hold her. I asked her if she wanted me to leave and never come back. She said no. That that was a problem. I feel her pushing me away. I could have told you it if u asked. She knows that because my ex did it to me. Now she does it to me when she gets fearful. I know you will figure this out. I could feel her embrace get tight and then loose. Boy did that hurt. I kissed her and told her I loved her. She said okay. OUCH again. I went off to work. I told myself to say nothing until she does.

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She decided to text me a little about how her day was and what she was doing. I was simple in response. That was yesterday. Like I said we r still together as far as I know. Do I stay distant? Should I wait for her to reach out or? I love her. I want her.

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I know she loves me. Controlling and isolating.

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I want to be there for her while she works through it. Help plz. I know I may not be seeing something. I wonder how things are for you now, a month on? I hope you can take care of yourself and your needs regardless of what you choose. I am fully committed to making this work but I wonder about him. It makes me very uncomfortable and feeling used. Is there a way to approach the subject without causing tension or embarrassment? Your email address will not be published.

About the Author. Lisa Firestone, Ph. An accomplished and much requested lecturer, Dr. Firestone speaks at national and international conferences in the areas of couple relations, parenting, and suicide and violence prevention. Follow Dr. Related Articles. Hi Dr. The conversation ended and we split. Thanks for your time.

The grass is greener syndrome takes over their minds. There seems to be a rather stifled view on the internet that fear of commitment is something exclusive to men and women are all needy. What a load of rubbish. Sexist rubbish. Or, maybe this is a website written for Men about dealing with the challenges that Men face in their relationships. Is sex all men think about when talking to a female? Some men are so unfortunately shallow. Hi Madeline, thanks for sharing your thoughts. This website is a site for guys looking to improve their relationships with women.

It just helps the readers clearly identify that the article solves their problems. Also, there are some major differences between most men and most women. No, but sex is an important part of any relationship, in my experience, for both men and women. Once again, the title of the article is just there to help guys identify if the article helps them solve a problem in their life. But attraction is about so much more than looks. This article was a great read. I can really relate to this article, it explains a lot.

A fear of losing my current life. How everything will change. More likely for the better, but still a change. But it has helped me understand that by giving myself a better job, better financial security, I wont be so worried about having to rely on someone else. So clarifying. Thank you! This article sucks. I am 24, not to toot my own horn but am fairly attractive and have regretfully been in way too many long term relationships. Maybe I am the only one. Currently in a 2 year relationship with someone who I figure is as close to matching my drive as possible without him being like a sex addict who has to have sex with everybody.

I would love to marry him but he is very afraid of commitment and believes woman change into monsters after you marry them. I may be too nice to ever get what I want. My research into supporting my man and his commitment issues continue! Your email address will not be published.

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Madeline August 11, at am Reply. Leigh August 11, at pm Reply. Hope that clears things up for you.